Vintage Bumper Cars

Fashionable Dinis new brand vintage bumper cars for sale

Nowadays, mobile amusement rides for family kingdom rides are more and more in fashion. Until now, Dinis has invented new concept portables amusement rides, such as new portable bumper cars for sale, vintage bumper cars, spin dodgem cars for sale, kiddie dashing cars, adult dodging cars and so on. However, we can divide it into several kinds in our factory. They can help clients to get happiness and excited experience.

High Quality Vintage Dodgems For Sale
High Quality Vintage Dodgems For Sale

To some extent, classic bumper cars belong to a kind of mobile amusement rides on sale which can be welcomed by people of all ages and families. People can use them in any places, theme park, water park, zoo etc. And it is a kind of commercial children play ground equipment, a sunrise industry, which can bring big returns in a short time and use low cost.

Best Vintage Bumper Car For Sale
Best Vintage Bumper Car For Sale

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Bumper car ride technical specifications

Note: Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m Music: Mp3 or Hi-FI Capacity: 2 passengers
Power: 150 W Control: Electric control Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 24V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED light

Top popular amusement equipment of vintage bumper cars for sale Dinis

Vintage fair rides and attraction of bumper cars for sale— street legal vintage bumper cars for sale

Street legal classic bumper cars for sale belongs to a kind of vintage bumper cars. There are many places to use it, such as fair, funfair, amusement park, water park, even on the street. On one hand, people of all ages can ride and play it without driving license on the street. If you drive the real car, driving license is necessary. Therefore, it is convenient to ride and go to any places. On the other hand, vintage road legal bumper cars can be controlled by a remote key for businessmen. When you press the key, it will stop immediately. For those reasons, it is very safe to run business and benefits. In a word, vintage rides are now become an excellent mobile amusement rides in Dinis. At the same time, here you will have more options.

Kids and families dodgems style car according to the different times

There are different kinds of antique bumper car on sale during different periods, generally speaking, we can call them vintage dodgems rides. By this way, we can learn a lot about the history evolution of dashing car and know social culture. In addition, it brings us not only culture but also entertainment. As a new game and activity, it gradually becomes a fashion coming onto the history stage. Furthermore, we can design custom dodgems based on different country culture Now there are several types to introduce.

1959 dodgem bumper cars for sale and 1972 dashing cars for sale

With certainty, the names of dodgem are based on the year of 1959 and 1972. They are full of the social culture in that time. They remind you of old time from elder generations and brings an amazing trip like the time machine. Otherwise, motorized bumper cars with high quality help you to reduce down the cost and give your advice that how to choose best suitable amusement equipment. For those fabulous attraction, don’t miss the precious opportunity.

Ford territory front bumper cars vehicles

Obviously, it looks like ford car’s appearance. However, there are some big differences between them. It can bump with each other, but a ford car can not. And we can drive it without driving license, however, a ford car needs one. Apart from those points, it has less requirements for the site, flat ground, cement, even on the water or ice. That is why it is suitable widely for a lot of places, where you can run business legally.

Volkswagen bumper cars

Definitely, it looks like Volkswagen car’s appearance which amazing and popular all over the world. But there are still some distinctions with each other. To the extent, its functions are the same as Ford bumper cars. By bumping with each other, we can get fun. On the other hand, it adapts steel material to use for producing bumper cars. The material is high quality steel which are imported from abroad. In terms of those advantage of the bumper cars, it is the optional product to do business.

LED Adventure Dodgems For Sale
LED Adventure Dodgems For Sale

LED Dodgems Funfair
LED Dodgems FunfairLED Dodgems Funfair

Kids Funfair Bumper Car
Kids Funfair Bumper Car

Bumper Cars Funfair
Bumper Cars Funfair

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Classic Dinis brand kiddie rides for sale–Vintage kiddie coin operated bumper car rides

Vintage kiddie coin operated rides for sale a Dinis brand new bumper cars. Firstly, According to the different appearances, there are all kind of bumper cars. Cartoon bumper cars, Micky bumper car, Donald Duck dashing cars are welcomed today. In addition, animal dodgems, including tiger, sheep, etc, can draw kids and adults attentions, especially for toddlers. Secondly, It works by electric. Every one has a slot to hold coin. It works after putting the coin into the slot. Simultaneously the popular music and LED lights plays.

Top 1 hot sale on classic dodgems for amusement park

Antique amusement park bumper cars for sale is on sale from poles to poles. On one hand, with the help of the designers in Dinis, vintage bumper car amusement park rides for sale has been the entertainment milestone in amusement rides. Furthermore, it brings more fun for your families and kids. On the other hand, amusement parks can be put them in order to appeal to kids and families for fun. By this way, it will have a large tourist flow to make businessmen get benefit maximization. Therefore , why not choose it ? welcome you to visit our factory to know a lot about amusement park bumper cars details. Looking forward to your reply.

Special unique features on Dinis brand vintage bumper cars

  • Used a new type of rear axle drive with low failure rate For its easy maintenance, it can effectively avoid the problem of transmission gear drive maintenance trouble and high malfunction rate.
  • Painted by car paint on glass steel bumper cars It makes the colors more smooth, delicate, bright, durable and uneasy to fade. What is more, with plastic smooth surface scratch resistance even if there is scratches with water sandpaper wipe, it will bright as new one.
  • A best way to communicate for families It can bring happiness for families when they are playing electric bumper cars. The relationship between kids and parents will become closer and sweeter and understand well with each other. In addition, it is a healthy way to grow up. Kids can do more exercise to strength their coordinate ability between hands and eyes.

Inflatable Dodgems
Inflatable Dodgems

  • Double pedal brake By this way, it can separately control forward and backward, spin 360 degree. Therefore, it is safe and easy to control for players.
  • Suit for all ages above 3 (toddler can play with parents) Bumper car without driver license is a type of amusement games and activities. It is not the same as a real car to drive for someone above 16 who must have license. Therefore, it is very potable for players to ride.

Adventure Dodgems
Adventure Dodgems

  • Portability of the use The place where is the flat, cement, even on the ice can place widely.
  • Adapt sustainable and environmental material On one hand, the material of bumper car shell is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics without pollution. On the other hand, the power by battery is a way to keep the pace of environmental protection.

Why vintage bumper cars can be a new attraction and draw a lot of people to buy?

  • Exquisite and various appearances and skillful art An amusement ride is far more than just a mechanical device -it is a fascinating combination of movement and light that translates to people as “fun”. Artistic design with flashing LED lights and bright color can make the difference for catching people’s eyes. The requirement of new theme, characters to a bumper car ride will appeal to many customers to play. And through dialogue with our customers in markets around the world, the concept from different culture will make you fall in love.
  • Vintage bumper cars for customers at changeable price Generally speaking, the price of Dinis brand bumper car is reasonable and changeable. At Dinis we set unified price for our clients wherever you are from, we are equal to every customer. On holidays, the bumper cars are on sale at a discount, such as Labor’s day, National day, Double 11, new year, etc. On different festival, the discount is fixed, even up to the clearance price. Now full warehouse is waiting for you.

  • Complete customer care service Everything is based on customer satisfaction. To make sure that we can always reach our customer satisfaction, at Dinis we build a complete cycle that starts with the set up of the ride, continues with technical assistance and ends with maintenance. Those perfect circle for our costumer’s rights and interests is best guarantee.

where can i purchase model fair amusement bumper car rides at a good price ?

Where do you buy a dodgem car? This question is circled around your mind for a long time. How about Dinis?

  • Innovation and quality first with rich experience Zhengzhou Dinis Amusement Equipment Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in the research, design, productions and sale of professional amusement equipment. Our company has 20 years experience in industry. And under the support if a number of excellent R&D personnel and skillful technical workers, products of our company are popular with all customers at home and abroad and enjoy high popularity. However, at Dinis innovation is put on the important position. The pursuit of improvement allow us to prompt every process and to come out new products, asking ourselves what new things we can do and how we can existing things differently.
  • One stop service to improve customer’s loyalty Only Dinis can offer clients a complete set of attraction, from small children’s rides to the extreme roller coasters. And merry go round, train rides, indoor playground, samba balloon ball and etc., totally more than one hundred kinds of products. In addition, we also has experience engineers who can assist in the complete design of a park and construction.

Floor Bumper Cars For Sale
Floor Bumper Cars For Sale

  • Word wide coverage market The building of commercial network reduces the gap between space and time. It makes us communicate easily and timely. That is why our product market can be in a world wide coverage. Welcome you to visit!

Indoor Inflatable Bumper Cars
Indoor Inflatable Bumper Cars

How to manage vintage battery bumper cars when they leave at different time as an operator?

Diversity Design of Dodgems
Diversity Design of Dodgems

When you have bumper car business, Dinis will provide you with bumper cars details and operating manual. It helps you to operate them rightly. At first, it is effortless to control and operate remotely. It is a kind of remote control bumper car game. That is why we can call it remote bumper car. In the process of play, as a operator , you can control them by a remote key.

Indoor Battery Dodgems For Sale
Indoor Battery DodgIndoor Battery Dodgems For Saleems For Sale

The key is like a car key which can help you turn on and off at random. Then, you can put them on the start position by your own. It is so light that you can be easy to place. What is more, setting the rule that every player should ride it to the settled place. By this way, it can reduce the labor cost and get high returns.

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