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A carousel ride is a traditional and popular attraction that consists of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders. These seats are typically in the form of fiberglass horses. On the top of that, in the modern amusement ride industry, the seats also come in other animals and carriages. If you are about to introduce carousel merry go round rides for amusement parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, shopping malls or family entertainment centers, the optimal choice is to buy carousel ride for sale directly from an amusement ride manufacturer, such as Dinis factory. In that case, you can get both the best deal and guarantee services. Dinis offers carousels for sale of different capacities and designs. Also custom service is available. Here are the details on Dinis carousel for sale for your reference.

List of Dinis Carousel Amusement Rides

Necessary Tips to Choose the Most Suitable Carousel Merry Go Round for Sale

Are you about to place a horse carousel ride in public areas for commercial use or place it in private areas for fun? Whatever the purpose you buy a carousel, consider the following features to ensure you get the best carousel fit for your condition when selecting a carousel for sale to ride.

Consider your venue space and dimension of the carousel

Assess the space where you want to install the carousel ride for sale, besides, ensure there is sufficient clearance for operation and safety. These affect how large a roundabout fairground ride you finally choose. Also consider the dimensions of the carousel, including the height. Because some indoor environment may have height restrictions on amusement rides. But you needn’t worry too much. Our company offers two types of indoor carousels.

  • One is the classic carousell ride with a pavilion top, making the product need a higher space to place it.
  • Another is an indoor carousel with a flat top, making the product a better choice for indoor venues.

Various capacities of carnival carousel ride sale

Are you going to start a commercial carousel ride business? If so, consider how many riders the spinning ride can accommodate at once and the duration of each ride cycle. A higher capacity and quick turnaround time can mean more customers and increased revenue. Dinis carousel manufacturer offers merry go round carousel with a capacity of 3 to 68 seats. You can find the best one fit for your business. Additionally, the run time of all of our amusement carousels can be adjusted by yourself. So you can increase your overall revenue by shortening the turnaround time of the carousell during high foot traffic.

Budget for buying a merry-go-round fair ride

Determine your budget for buying a carousel ride. It affects the size and design of the entertainment equipment you choose. Vice versa, carousel price depends on the carousel’s capacity and design. Generally speaking, the more luxury and bigger the carnival carousel attraction is, the more expensive it is. Warmly welcome to contact us to get a free quote. Also feel free to let us know your budget for the carousel ride for sale. We are glad to give you recommendation.

Different carousel designs for different age groups 

Consider who are the target groups of your carousel amusement ride for sale. Different carousel designs appeal to different age groups. Younger children may prefer zoo carousel with vivid animal mounts, while adults might appreciate classic Victorian or antique carousel ride. Choose a design that fits the overall aesthetic of your venue and appeals to your target audience. Moreover, custom theming can also be a way to stand out and attract visitors. Feel free to tell us your requirements, we have confidence to manufacturer a unique carousel according to your needs.

How Many Seats Do Your Need for a Merry Go Round Ride for Sale?

We are a professional carousel ride manufacturer, specializing in the creation of enchanting merry-go-round rides. Our product range is extensive. And we take pride in offering carousels in various sizes to meet the diverse needs of different recreational venues. How many seats suit your carousel needs? Usually, our standard amusement carousel models are available with a wide range of seating options: 3, 6, 12, 16, 24, 30, 36, 38, 40, 48, and 68 seats. But if needed, we are also capable of customizing the number of seats as you require.

The mini version carousels of 3 seats and 6 seats are ideal for intimate settings such as backyard or as complementary attractions where space is at a premium. These compact units are perfect for small businesses, restaurants, or family entertainment centers, offering riders a fun experience without requiring a significant footprint.

Mini Carousel Kiddie Ride for Sale
Mini Carousel Kiddie Ride for Sale

For medium-sized venues, our 12, 16, and 24-seat carousel ride for sale strike a balance between size and passenger volume. The three sizes of merry go round carnival ride can accommodate a steady flow of guests without occupying too much space.

16-24 Seats Cost-effective Merry Go Round
16-24 Seats Cost-effective Merry Go Round

Last but not least, larger venues will benefit from our 30, 36, 38, 40, 48, and 68-seat carousels for sale. These grand and luxury carousels are designed to become the focal point of any amusement area, capable of entertaining large crowds and creating a magical atmosphere that guests of all ages will treasure.

Grand Luxury Carousel Ride for Sale
Grand Luxury Carousel Ride for Sale

Are the carousel specifications mentioned above what you need? If not, don’t worry, as we offer customization services. If you wish to enhance the visual appeal or increase the functionality of your carousel carnival ride, we can replace the traditional seats with various other seating options such as ornate carriages, comfortable benches, or themed seats that align with the specific aesthetic or storytelling element of the venue.

This customization not only changes the look and feel of the carousel but can also impact the number of riders it can support. By adjusting the types and arrangements of seats, we can tailor-make a carnival carousel for sale to fit specific space requirements or to maximize rider capacity, ensuring that you gets a merry-go-round that perfectly complements your space and serves your patrons effectively.

Feel free to contact us to get the accurate specification of Dinis carousel ride for sale.

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