Battery Bumper Car

What is battery bumper cars in Dinis for sale 2019?

Nowadays, amusement rides for sale is very popular kids and grownups around the world. Battery operated bumper cars for sale is a new kind of family rides which can be powered by battery in Dinis 2019. and it is easy to control and operate for people of different ages. As a businessman, easy management for small mobile carnival rides. Undoubtedly, there are different types and shapes of bumper cars to be offered, like cartoons, animals, cars and so on.

Kids Battery Bumper Cars
Kids Battery Bumper Cars

If all products can not meet your requirement, we can provide you with custom bumper cars for sale. It is so amazing and popular around the world which is easy to run anywhere, such as funfair, playground, shopping mall, playground, water park and so on. Welcome family to join ours battery operated rides activities and games and enjoy yourselves.

Kids Battery Bumper
Kids Battery Bumper Car

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Bumper car ride technical specifications

Notes: Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m Music: Mp3 or Hi-FI Capacity: 2 passengers
Power: 150 W Control: Battery control Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 24V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED

Popular battery bumper cars show video

Rides show battery dodgem car for sale Dinis 2019

Our factory will offer you the list of battery bumper cars during the show time. And you can experience any kinds of portable dodgems, coin operated kids battery operated UFO bumper cars, battery inflatable bumper cars etc. Obviously, those amazing and popular battery bumper cars will be introduced to you. We can meet all your needs.

Hot attractive kids and family inflatable battery bumper cars cheap

There are new attractions for amusement equipment in Dinis, like inflatable battery bumper cars called combat bumper cars. New type of bumper cars powered by battery which is surrounded by PVC material can attract your eyes. Every round inflatable battery bumper cars has a gun, which you can shoot a plastic ball to your friends with each other. It is enough for two people, such as families, friends, lovers and so on. For families, if the kid is so young, maybe parents will help them play it. In a word, it can add more interests for your family and promote family ties closely. Meanwhile, our company also create different functional battery bumper cars, such as ice bumper cars for sale, water dodgems, floating dashing cars and so on.

Amazing Indoor bumper cars battery operated USA

Do you want to have amazing and adventure experience ? why not come to play bumper car games in indoor places, like shopping mall bumper cars, fun center etc. Obviously, people can play them anytime whatever it rains or snows if you have time. Meanwhile, a series of products according to this feature have been made in Dinis, such as spinning battery operated amusement rides for sale, laser tag ride on bumper battery on cars for sale, drift battery dodgems for sale, vintage battery dodgems and so on. Compared to indoor bumper cars battery, all of those products can be suitable for outdoor places in our factory. In summer, people can see them anywhere and a lot of family enjoy happy moments.

Funny Outdoor Battery Dodgems For Sale
Funny Outdoor Battery Dodgems For Sale

Types of Battery Dodgems For Sale 2019
Types of Battery Dodgems For Sale 2019

Road Legal Battery Dodgems
Road Legal Battery Dodgems


Funfair UFO Dodgems
Funfair UFO Dodgems

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Best remote control battery power bumper car

As a businessman or player, both of us hope we can run and operate amusement equipment easily. Remote battery power bumper car is a kind of remote bumper cars to control by remote control key. So it is free to go to some places where is flat, smooth cement floor, even grass land. Meanwhile it is suitable for family to play large size battery bumper cars for sale. By this activities and games, increasing the close connection with your kids and parents is the most advantage for kids to grow up, for example, portable bumper cars for sale, mini bumper cars for sale. They are so amazing and fascinated all over the word.

Top battery operated bumper cars for sale for parks and funfairs 2019

Battery bumper cars are a kind of amusement park rides for sale which people can use them in open air places and indoor place. It plays an important role on the list of games needed for amusement game park. However, they are one of most important amusement equipment in parks and funfairs, for example, the famous Disney land, amusement park, theme park, national park, even backyard garden. All of entertainment equipment can keep you and your families eyes on them. Therefore, as a professional amusement supplier, we have produced amusement park bumper cars, adventure island battery dodgems for sale, funfair battery dodgems etc. Wherever you want to go with your family, bumper cars games and activities will be with you.

Commercial and potential price and lowest cost to invest battery bumper cars in 2019

How much is a new bumper car? The price of motorized bumper cars in Dinis is very reasonable and optional. Now Dinis battery bumper cars are on sale. According to the different price rules, we have three principles to set our price. But every kind of price, you can have a big discount and save your budget. Now Dinis have a big inventory, we are selling at clearance price. And the price list of amusement rides will be offered after email us. Hope you don’t miss clearance sales summary of 2019 on battery bumper cars.

Purchasing by wholesale rides

Wholesale amusement equipment is the best way to retrench cost and budget for running business. And in Dinis clients can enjoy high discount and VIP service which we have professional sales team to provide full service for our loyal customers. There are two ways to buy our products. The first is that just buying bumper cars is the main target, the we will give you a big discount and save you bumper cars cost and funding. The other is that if you have a big amusement park, you can buy different kinds of products in Dinis. Furthermore, we can design how to run and project your park. All the service excluding installing service in Dinis is free.

Buy battery bumper cars at retails

The cost of Dinis brand new battery powered bumper cars is affordable and cheap among the same industry. Our bumper cars can be bought by quantities, how many do you want? The price can be set according to amount of bumper cars. This kind of ways is so convenient and useful for clients who can not make sure whether the quality of electric bumper cars is high and the price is cheaper than other suppliers. Then for the clients who have not a big site to install bumper cars. It is the best way to choose suitable and cheap bumper cars for sale in Dinis 2019.

Unique and affordable customized battery bumper cars

Customized battery bumper cars ride is not only a new products, but also a kind of new service (VIP service) in our factory. Aiming to the price of bumper car, it has a big difference from other ways. According to the different requirement, we will pricing alternatively. If the products what you want need a new mould, the price will be a little expensive. In a word, all price can be fixed and changeable, but we can provide you with cheap bumper cars for sale here. If you have any problem, please contact us as soon as possible.

Cruise Ship With Dodgems
Cruise Ship With Dodgems

Dodgems On Ice
Dodgems On Ice


Fascinate Bumper Cars For Sale
Fascinating Bumper Cars For Sale

Amusement Park Bumper Cars For Sale 2019
Amusement Park Bumper Cars For Sale 2019

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Compared to other suppliers, what is the unique features of Dinis brand battery bumper cars for sale?

  • Easy to operate for staff: just press the button and it will move at the walking speed, which is safe and easy to keep up with.
  • Easily set up, maintain and repair & small investment and quick return, high performance.
  • The head of the battery operated car rides can be taken apart, which is convenient to package, transport.

Indoor Funfair Bumper Cars for sale
Indoor Funfair Bumper Cars for sale

  • Many different animal patterns, colors and sizes for option Cartoon, animals and real cars etc. Quality assurance, independent research and development design, standard model and process of producing.
  • High practicality Small site requirements which smooth surface can be used widely
  • Advanced material Glass fiber reinforced plastics make rides flashing and colorfast out of corrosion with long performance life.

Park Play Rides 2019
Park Play Rides 2019

How about battery bumper cars parts in Dinis?

How do bumper cars work? Why bumper cars can work? Do bumper cars have wheels? Do u want to know that? There are important parts for China dashing car.

High performance and cheap battery

The best important part of a bumper car is battery imported form abroad. Without battery, battery operated bumper cars can not work. Dinis battery are composed of five pieces of battery. If you need extra battery, we can add into the bumper car. Charge for 6 hours, you can use one day. It needs less maintenance and extra labors to operate it. Therefore, it is very convenient to control and operate.

Dodgems On The Ice For Sale
Dodgems On The Ice For Sale

High conductive carbon brush for bumper cars parts

Obviously, carbon brush is known as brush, a sliding contact, which is easy to conduct. People can use it widely in electric bumper cars equipment. Carbon brush in the product application material graphite, metal graphite. It is easier to prompt bumper cars work. However, you need to clean up and regular maintenance and replacement. By this way, everything will be best.

Road Legal Bumper Cars For Sale
Road Legal Bumper Cars For Sale

Reasonable tips for customers to drive a battery bumper car

How to drive a bumper car?how fast do bumper cars go? For a customer, what kind of important things you should pay more attention like those questions. Now there are a few tips, you have to know before you play and ride a new battery bumper car.

  • Enter the site and ride a bumper car before the game operator to inform you.
  • Operate the directions following the guideline and the rules or according to the operator’s training
  • Put on you seat belt tightly or lower the lap bar (your belongings should be put out of the game site).
  • Drive after the start signal lights (pay more attention to the signal in order to keep you in safety).

Playground Inflatable Dodgems For Sale
Playground Inflatable Dodgems For Sale

  • No eating when you play or ride a bumper car( by this way to make you stay out of danger).
  • When you are playing, don’t get off at will. you should get off the bumper car after the end signal opening.
  • Please remember those tips before playing a bumper car, hope you can enjoy yourselves.

Funny Outdoor Dodgems For Sale
Funny Outdoor Battery Dodgems For Sale

Where to buy efficient battery operated cars for kids and family with high-quality 2019?

Compared with other amusement equipment companies, Dinis is the best choice for clients around the world. So where to buy electric bumper cars is the most suitable choice? Why not choose Dinis company? Who we are? Zhengzhou Dinis Amusement Equipment Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in the research, design, production and sale of professional amusement equipment. Under the support of a number of excellent R&D personnel and skillful technical workers, products of our company are popular with all customers at home and abroad and enjoy high popularity.

Our main products : all kinds of bumper cars, like antique bumper cars for sale, carousel, undulating train, children trampolines etc.,totally more than one hundred kinds of products. We have complete specifications, appropriate designs and good quality for positive market reflections. We produce all products under national amusement machinery manufacture quality standards. Meanwhile, we can design the sizes and appearances of products in different types according to users’ requirements. Beside, our manufacture scope includes kindergarten facilities.

At the same times, our company warmly welcomes friends from all over the world to visit us for guidance. We are sincerely seeking reliable business partners and buyers, for the goal of establishing long-term, stable and mutually beneficial trade partnerships. We hope to make progress and development together with customers and partners with the first-class management, first-class products, first-class quality and first-class service.

If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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