Carousel Videos

Dinis has various kinds of carousel amusement rides. Generally speaking, carousel horse ride can be divided into top drive carousel, under-drive carousel, and imitation transmission merry go round. Our carousel amusement rides are aimed at families, kids, and adults. The following are some pictures and videos related to Dinis flying horse carousel. If you have interest, contact us. 3-72 seat customized carousels are available in our company for party, carnival, shopping mall, playground, amusement park, fairground, etc.

Victorian Moving Picture of Merry Go Round
Victorian Merry Go Round

Dinis Longines Merry Go Round for Sale
Dinis Longines Merry Go Round for Sale

Brand New Pink 12-seat Kids Amusement Merry Go Round Horse for Sale
Brand New Pink Merry Go Round Horse for Sale

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