Luxury Train Rides

2019 Dinis brand new luxury train rides , limited sale!

How about a trip by royal train rides on holidays? Nowadays Dinis has produced new kind of train rides according to clients needs. You can take luxury train rides to go anywhere. Absolutely, happy experience with your family can be brought. Let you get out of work and chores, study and anything else. Leave good memory for your childhood and lifetime.


In addition, it is a very popular activity in the history of industry. Besides, this portable rides can be easily to operate and at the same time, it can also make the huge development of the current economy. Finally, it is a sunrise industry and can bring big profits for businessman. How do you think about the train business?


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Top two luxury train rides in the world

There are two main kinds of train rides in Dinis. Which one do you like better? Please tell me quickly.

luxury steam train for sale

It belongs to trackless train rides which is powered by diesel engine. On the locomotive, there are a big chimney to release smoke like past real train. During the working, the loud whistle can be heard. Kids love it so much. In addition, generally speaking, it is made up of one locomotive and three carriage (can be increased and declined by your needs). The color can be adjusted according to your needs. Aiming to the applied site, the places are very wide and convenient, for example, shopping malls, walking street, square, funfair, large hotel etc. It is not only a source of transportation to release pressure , but also a kind of amusement equipment to bring happy moment to kids. Now it is on sale.

Crown train rides

People can call it the royal express train which keeps kids eyes on mostly. It is suitable for people of any ages. People around the world warmly welcome this electric train rides. On the edge of the locomotive with a cabin, there is a solider standing there to lead the way. On the top of very carriage has a crown to present the luxury and elegance. The color of every carriage is different, changeable, vivid, fresh ( can paint optionally). All the body is covered with colorful LED lights which make it dreamlike, incredible. The material of the seat is made of soft high seat which make passenger feel comfortable who don’t to get off. On the different stops, the sound equipment will notice in time with beautiful songs. Overall, the royal style is very attractive and fascinating.

luxury Train Rides 2019


Vintage Luxury Trackless Train

Antique Luxury Train Rides for Sale

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Luxury train travel youtube

Luxury train travel prices for sale with photos list

Choose us, what can we offer to you? The price list, classic pictures of train rides or all popular products in Dinis, like bumper cars, earnings time series etc. At first, compared with others, the price in our factory is very more reasonable. As a manufacturer, the cost is very low, without third party. You can purchase it at cheap price.

Thomas Electric Trackless Train Rides

Secondly, more than one hundred kinds can be optional if you want, such as carousel, flying chair, trampolines, mini shuttle, mini roller coaster, self control plane, samba balloon ball and so on. Finally, the pictures in the process is available. You can know accurately any details in time to check the products. How do you think about it? Meanwhile, we welcome to visit our factory.

Dinis Vintage Amusement Park Trains for Sale
Dinis Vintage Amusement Park Trains for Sale

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Why train rides are more tempting than others?

This royal train rides designed by Zhengzhou Dinis Company has plenty of styles in fashion. In our factory, it can be called Crown. Generally speaking, it is very extravagant. Therefore, it is on sale around the world. Why it attract a lot of people to ride? Pl email me for more details.

  • Simple working principle: Battery power and easy to control and operate. The speed of battery amusement equipment is very safe and slow. Meanwhile, it can also bring a wonderful trip for people.
  • Target consumer: All ages, especially kids (toddlers should be with presents)
  • Exquisite craftsmanship: Our designer is not an engineer, but also an artist. Hence every kind of amusement equipment is a masterpiece for clients. People use beautiful pictures ( cartoon figures, animals, beautiful scenery etc) to cover the train rides which can appeal to many people to play or ride.
  • High material of products: The main material is from high quality steel, glass fiber reinforced plastics, stainless steel, real car paint, and pneumatic tyre (can be changed by your needs), high quality LED light, soft seats etc.

Children Antique Train Rides with Lantern
Children Antique Train Rides with Lantern

  • Offer custom service to clients: The style can be changeable by your needs. Our factory has professional engineer and designer to plan new entertainment equipment. In a word, whatever you think, we will make it based on the price.

Classic Historic train rides for Sale in Dinis

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Save your marriage using only luxury train rides

How do you think about using this royal train rides to hold a wonderful wedding? When you sit in the train rides, you will feel amazed like a queen. The feeling will satisfy you to some extent in a short time. It not only can make kids excited, but also can promote your emotion with your family when you are in bad mood.

Scenic Yellow Antique Trackless Train Rides on Sale

On the other hand, luxury train ride honeymoon is the best choice for your around the world. Meanwhile, you can make money on the way to the next trip. It is the most romantic honeymoon in your lifetime. You will be happy quickly and make your family have a happy lifetime. Why not choose the train as your wedding car?

Electric Trackless Train Rides for Sale

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How to delivery Dinis train rides in a good condition on time?

On Dinis , there are two ways to delivery the goods. By the train or ship is the famous way to ensure the goods can be delivered on time. The key point is that you should give us the details about which harbor is the most near to you. On the way to your country, we will tell you the accurate delivery time. After arrived, you should receive goods in time. On the other hand, if you have shipping agency, we can notice our factory address, amount , size of container etc. Both ways are available.

With a view to safety,we ship the train rides by splitting. No damage will be caused in the process of transportation. At the same time, it can save container volume and freight. If not, the whole need a high cabinet which has no enough space to put. However, by this way, small cabinet is enough. It is very convenient to load and upload for client. What is more, it is easy to install the parts together.

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