Mall Christmas Train

Christmas train at the mall for sale Dinis 2019

Christmas mall train rides belong to a kind of hot selling mall train rides in Dinis. It is also known as Christmas train rides. And it is make of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), equipped with gorgeous lighting, great music, non-fading and durable professional car painting. Generally speaking, the train ride has four cabin and one locomotive, each cabin can be enough for 4 people, the locomotive can hold 2 people.

Dinis Christmas Train
Dinis Christmas Train

The appearance is very beautiful with ornamental effect like Santa Claus. Now our amusement electric Christmas train is suitable for all kinds of malls, carnivals, parks. Meanwhile, top 2 popular and hot sale types from Dinis is in fashion now. Those can bring your a big commercial opportunity in popular. Furthermore, you can get high in returns in a short time. Welcome to join us.

Dinis Enclosed Carriage Xmas Electric Train for Sale
Dinis Enclosed Carriage Xmas Electric Train for Sale

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Top popular 2 kinds of mall Christmas train in Dinis 2019

As a famous amusement equipment manufacture, Dinis has produced all kinds of amusement rides until now. In terms of mall Christmas train, to some extent, we can divide it into two kinds, mall Christmas train with track and trackless train rides. However, both them are popular among kids and adults around the world.

Unique trackless Christmas train mall

The trackless train, also known as the “sightseeing battery train”, consists of a locomotive and four cabins, can accommodate 14 to 20 kids or adults. It is a new type of Dinis amusement equipment, and the number of compartment customers can choose. People can operate the small little train rides with working by battery conveniently . It has cute design, beautiful decoration and color, high ornamental value. People can use trackless train rides in tourist areas, pedestrian streets, parks, playground, theme parks, shopping malls and other places, making then the first choice for your requirements. There are all kinds of trackless train rides for you to get, if you have any questions, please let me know as soon as possible.

Attractive mall Christmas train with track for sale

It is based on Christmas-themed to produce for kids. Everyone knows Christmas Day is most important holidays in western country. On this day, people can have a big celebration and have free days to share with your families. Mall Christmas train can attract more kids and adults to play. This new attraction can increase a new game for happiness and build a good relationship with kids. Electric Christmas train with track powered by electric, which people produce it into two kinds, ride on Christmas train with coal bucket with track, new mall Christmas train rides for sale.

Dinis Red Small Thomas Track Trains for Sale

Dinis Popular Small Ocean Electric Train for Kids

Parent-Child Interactive Luxury Amusement Park Train for Sale

Dinis Harmony High Speed Rail Small Trackless Train Rides for Sale

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Mall Christmas train rides for sale with coal bucket

Santa Claus and his reindeer track small train, which is very suitable for parents and kids to ride together, especially during the Christmas period. It is includes one locomotive which consists of two red deer and one cabin like coal bucket and Father Christmas sitting in and four cabins like coal bucket which can hold 4 people. When you ride small Christmas train rides, like you are with real Santa Claus to have a trip on Christmas Day. In addition, the designers in our factory increase Christmas decoration of train body, such as snow, Christmas tree and hat , etc make Christmas train rides are very popular and dazzling. Apart from those, this small train rides looks cute and lifelike with kid’s song music, like Christmas songs, colorful Led lights, to attract kid’s eyes and interest.

New mall Christmas train rides for sale

Until now, it is the most classic amusement equipment around the world. It belongs to a kind of mall train rides for sale in Dinis, and people can use them in other places, like park, fun fair, square etc. It consists of one locomotive with a cabin and four cabins. The locomotive is includes one smoking chimney like real trains and one cabin which has white snow at the top. In addition, Christmas trees, Led lights, snowflake, gift box can be painted on the train rides. At the same time, at the top of the cabin there are all kinds of cute snowmen and gift boxes. You can fall in love with them, especially for kids. Apart from those, the steeling wheel and train wheel is synchronization, 45 degree to right and left is possible. When the driver changes direction, he should slow down the speed and then turn the wheel.

Compared to two kinds, which one is best for your mall?

There are different ways to use two types of train rides. However, both of them can attract a lot of kids to ride.

According to the size of the mall

In terms of small size site, mall Christmas train rides is the best choice. Because you don’t move, just stay here, plenty of people will come to play. On the contrary, trackless train rides need more space to quarter-deck. If you want to use it as a transportation, trackless train rides is the best. Because it is very convenient for kids to have a real amazing experience for their childhood.


Mall Train Rides 2019
Mall Train Rides 2019

Big differences between indoor and outdoor for mall Christmas trains

Safety is the first. In terms of indoor, there are a lot of people to go shopping. It is not suitable for trackless train rides at high speed. Therefore, track train rides is perfect that you have a good and excited experience. Apart from that, aiming to outdoor, the trackless train rides can help you win more attractions to ride. How about your choose?


Mall Christmas Train
Mall Christmas Train

What is the unique features about Dinis mall Christmas train rides?

  • Small electricity but with high speed Compared with others, Dinis small train rides has a high speed , meanwhile you can adjust it according to your needs.
  • High efficient and performance with little maintenance and long service time It can produce little noise. All material are imported from abroad, therefore, the products in Dinis with high quality are on sale all over the world.

  • Eco-environmental material On one hand, most of them are powered by battery, which has high and low temperature resistance and steady voltage. Furthermore, it is can be recycle. On the other hand, the shell of train rides are made of FRP which is a kind of environmental material. In addition, FRP shell with painting can make smooth surface, aging resistance, bright color which will not fade quickly.

  • Excellent workmanship and exquisite pictures on the train rides The work for Dinis is like an artistic work. We need not only to improve high quality, but also to have modern aethestic standard. We are always working at the core and creating new design concept for our customers. The needs of customer is our tenet.

  • Perfect pre-sale and after-sale service can be offered According to our principle, we can provide you with pre-sale consulting at details. 24 hours online service will help you get information as soon as possible. In spite of it, good after-sale service is guaranteed in our factory. Based on it, we can offer three years follow -up service which can deal with you any problems when you are facing. Finally, full training service until you or workers can operated well.

How to understand changeable price on mall Christmas trains?

  • At first, as a manufacture, no third party, there is a good choice for you to purchase train rides, bumper cars, merry go round, etc. Therefore, we can be easy to control our product price.
  • Secondly, on holidays or festivals, we can have a cheap price for all amusement equipment. Different holidays, the discount is different. Please pay more attention to our products, in order to purchase more cheap adult train rides.

Mall Outdoor Train for Sale 2019
Mall Outdoor Train for Sale 2019

  • Finally, if you buy amusement equipment by wholesale or a lot , we can provide changeable price for you. This can be suitable for any kinds of products in Dinis. At the same time, we will send the price list to you. If the final order are made, please tell me as soon as possible.

Mall Train Rides for sale Dinis

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Where to buy mall Christmas themed electric train with high quality?

Why not choose Dinis? Our company has a big brand in China. At the same time, we can meet all your needs perfectly.

  • Over 10000 square meters factory, have separate workshop/showroom/baking finish room/ experienced designer, workers and sales man
  • Rigorous quality testing procedure and professional methods of detection make sure the safety and reliable products.
  • Rich exporting experience for 20 years and enjoy high reputation all over the world
  • Professional technician guide rides assemble at your place if you need or train your workers until they can operate it
  • All the material is imported from abroad , high quality products with less maintenance

Playground Mall Train Rides

  • Exquisite craft to design the beautiful appearance for products, for us every product is a masterpiece of art.
  • One hundred of Dinis amusement equipment can be offered, we will meet all your needs, vintage bumper cars, train rides, carousel, etc
  • Fast delivery by sea or rail way, you can choose the nearest port to receive the goods

Mall Christmas Trackless Train Rides

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