Backyard Ride on Train in New Zealand

Family-friendly ride on train is a small-size simulated train ride. It is suitable for almost any indoor and outdoor places, such as backyards, shopping malls, amusement parks, farms, orchards, scenic spots, resorts, water areas, etc. As a professional amusement park train manufacturer, we have sold all kinds of ride on train for sale to many countries. In May, 2023, we did a deal with Josh. Here are the details on a backyard ride on train for sale in New Zealand for your reference.

Why Did Our Client, Josh from New Zealand Want a Train Ride & Where to Put the Train?

Christmas Train Ride with Track for Children
Christmas Train Ride with Track for Children

Josh sent inquiry to us in April, 2023. He is a father of three kids, including two girls and a boy. Josh’s little daughter, 4-year-old Jenny would turn five in August. So Josh considered preparing a memorable birthday party for his little kid. Additionally, he knew that Jenny really loves the television series Thomas & Friends. So Josh wanted to put a steam train to a vacant backyard of about 4000 square feet near his home.

The Optimal Choice for Backyard in New Zealand — Miniature Ride on Trains for Sale

After knowing Josh’s condition, we recommended him ride on model trains for sale with track. It is a hot-selling train design. People sit astride on the train like riding on a horse. Therefore, rideable model trains for sale is small in size and requires a small installation space. Compared to other large trains with track that are fit for amusement parks, ride on trains for sale are the optimal choice for Josh’s backyard.

Besides, this kids ride on train is also an electric ride on train for adults. Jenny can enjoy the train ride with her families.

Moreover, this electric ride on train runs on fixed track. It means passengers can have a more comfortable ride experience.

Electric Ride on Train with Track in Different Sizes and Colors
Electric Ride on Train with Track in Different Sizes and Colors
Custom Green and Yellow Ride on Train Cabin in Dinis Paint Room
Custom Green and Yellow Ride on Train Cabin in Dinis Paint Room

Details on Josh’s Backyard Train for Sale in New Zealand

To let Josh understand our hot-selling ride on garden train better, we sent him our customer feedback pictures and videos. He was impressed by the fantastic backyard train and decided to put this kind of ride on railway to his yard. Here are details on New Zealand backyard ride on trains for sale.

As a leading miniature train manufacturer, we produce adult ride on train in various cabins and capacities. After communication, Josh decided on a train with 4 cabins, each of which can carry 5 adults and kids. The overall dimension of the train is 14.8m*0.53m*0.65m in length, width, and height.

Furthermore, ride on outdoor train set with such a passenger capacity was fit for Jenny’s birthday party. Because in that day, Jenny would invite her friends to her party.

Miniature Railway for Backyard
Miniature Railway for Backyard
  • Capacity: 21 people
  • Components: 1 locomotive + 4 cabins
  • Overall size: 14.8mL*0.53mW*0.65mH
  • Weight: 2.1 tons
  • Power: Lithium battery/ gel battery
  • Speed: ≤7 km/h
  • Color: Customized

Josh told us Jenny loves pink very much. So we asked him if he needed custom service. We can change the train color at no extra charge. Josh was happy with our service and he told us he wanted his ride on garden railroad in pink. Then we offered several proposals, and Josh chose a light pink.

In addition to train color, Josh asked us if we could add some words and stickers to the train to make it unique. Of course it’s feasible for our company and we did it free for our customer. As a result, we added words of “Welcome to Princess Birthday Party” to the side of miniature railway cabins and added cartoon “Rabbit” stickers to the locomotive. And Josh was satisfied with our proposal for his backyard ride on train in New Zealand.

Installation Guidance of Ride on Train with Track

After one-month communication, Josh made his order in May. Finally, Josh received his electric backyard ride on train in July. With our online instructions, installation manuals and installation videos, this custom pink ride on train for kids was successfully installed before Jenny’s birthday party. And Jenny loves his father’s gift very much. As a result, this beautiful and unique ride on train with tracks added a lot of fun to the yard and Jenny’s friends also enjoyed themselves in the party.

By the way, we can send engineer to your location to help with the installation of outdoor train track if needed. Feel free to contact us at any time.

In short, Dinis backyard ride on train for adults in New Zealand is a completely success. Furthermore, Josh told us that he had an idea of changing the yard into a small children’s amusement park for his kids and neighbors. And if later he had enough budget, he would like to buy more backyard rides for sale from us. So we recommended several back yard rides for him, including backyard carousel for sale — small size carousel ride with a capacity of 3/6/12 people, powerless roller coaster for yard, backyard bungee jumping, non-electric pendulum ride and so on. Look forward to doing business with him again.

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