FAQ about Intimate Customer Care 0 (0)

There is no doubt that product quality is the most important factor in whether a customer will buy amusement rides from Dinis. However, it is also important to have satisfying service. It’s worth mentioning that Dinis not only has high quality products, but also has a professional sales team. We guarantee our customers a great … Read more

How to Operate a Trackless Train Ride 0 (0)

5 Steps of How to Operate a Trackless Train Ride Open the total power switch. Then insert the power lock to the right, connect the power supply, and the train starts. Let go of the handbrake, hold the gear stick, push forward into gear, and pull back to reverse, with the stop lever in the … Read more

Maintenance Methods of Battery Operated Train Ride 0 (0)

1. Check out the safety device on the amusement train ride Check that safety equipment such as seat belts and safety bars are complete and effective. Try to check the battery of the amusement train every day or two, and if there is anything odd, deal with it in time. 2. Check the device line … Read more

FAQ about Package & Delivery & Installation 0 (0)

FAQ about Package Q: How to package the goods? Will the products be broken in transit? A: Don’t worry, we assure you that the goods you receive will be complete and intact. About the package, all FRP parts and control box are packed with 3-5 layers of good bubble film; the steel parts are packed … Read more

FAQ about Strength of Dinis Company 0 (0)

Q: Do you implement new amusement rides? Do you make them yourself? A: Yes, we produce amusement rides by ourselves. Our company, Henan Dinis Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd, is a professional Chinese manufacturer, supplier, and exporter with many years of experience of researching, designing producing, and selling of amusement rides. Under the support of a … Read more