Small Carousel Horse for Sale

Small kids merry go round for sale is hot sale in Dinis

It is a kind of amusement equipment in Dinis which belongs to merry go round. Mini merry go round ride for sale consists of a rotating circular platform with horse-shaped seats for riders. The horses connected with the turntable will go up and down gradually along with wonderful music. It is widely used in playground, square, park, kindergarten, building area, etc.

Small Octopus Sea Whirligig for Sale

It is suitable for all tourists without age limit. The movement of going up and down with festive music bring players a lot of cheer. According to the different functions, the designers divide it into several kinds, however, all type can suit 3/6 seats mini carousel. For its convenience, they are popular with all customers at home and abroad and enjoy high popularity.

Miniature Rotating Horse For Sale

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How to classify the small carousel horse for sale in Dinis?

In terms of different functions, site, it can be divided into several kinds. In addition, every kind will help you make good returns.

According to the different site

Small indoor amusement ride carousel for sale

Indoor mini merry go round is a kind of carousel which can be used in indoor places, such as shopping center, indoor play center and so on. With its big attraction helping increase more customers to consume,the owner can get high benefits. It can appeal to a lot of people of all ages to ride, even toddlers ( under 3 should company with presents). The big advantage is that you can play at any time for clients and run in anytime as a businessman and the less maintenance is available. To some extent , the cost becomes very low than others. There are plenty of kinds in Dinis. Nowadays, mall electric merry go round for sale is in fashion.

Outdoor mini carousel for sale

Obviously, this kind is suitable for outdoor places, such as amusement park, playground, circus, zoos, fairground, backyard and so on. There are always various of people to have fun on daily life or holidays. Therefore, beautiful appearance and colorful LED lights can draw more attentions to ride, especially at night. In addition, small carousel for playground and small circus carousel for sale are popular in this area. People love them best. At the same time, it produce more happy moments for children. It is full of magic to meet love in this moment. Why not come to meet love here? Waiting for you!

In terms of different seat

Small carousel horse for sale 3 seat

3 seats mini carousel for sale belongs to small merry go round. It is more portable to ride. Because the weight is very light, you can push and pull easily those kiddie rides 3 seat merry go round mini carousel. As a result, compared with others, the weight of body is very light and easy to run in any place.

Cute Small Carousel

Mini merry go round for 6 seats

Compared with 3 seats carousel, the big difference between them is different seat amount. According to the tradition, the seat is horse which is made of glass reinforced plastics. At the same time, we can use cabin without roof to instead. ( the amount can be fixed according to your requirement). How do you think about that?

Animal Tiny Carousel for Sale

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In terms of different functions in Dinis

Small carnival carousel for sale

This kind of merry go round is specialized on holidays, festivals, parties etc to celebrate for kids. On those days, kid can do all happy things to leave a good memory for their childhood with their family. Maybe you can meet your lover here, how about starting a travel about love. In addition, mini merry go round for party becomes more and more fashionable all over the world for kids’ birthday.

Mini portable merry go round for sale

How do you think about this portable amusement rides in Dinis? Merry go rounds for sale mini portable has big attraction to businessmen for its convenience. Because of the light weight, our company provide tractor to help you move one to any place. If the entertainment equipment is so heavy, the tractor can not do that. Today this kind of mobile amusement equipment is in fashion.

Musical carousel in Dinis for sale

Musical carousel is a classic amusement rides to attract people to ride, also called musical merry go round. When it is in the rotation, there will along some music. After he music over, it stops spinning. Dynamic music, luxury design and exquisite decoration, so that visitors can be attracted by real lively horses, the entire ups and downs of the racing process would leave a good memory to the tourists. Visitors would recall their childhood memories bit by bit. Also make visitors in the community under the rapid pace of life to carry out a wonderful spiritual journey.

3 Seats Merry Go Round

3 Horses Carousel for Sale in Dinis

Christmas Deluxe-Vintage-Jumper

3 Seats Small Carousel

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Unique mini carousel in Dinis

Mini carousel fiberglass horse

The material of its appearance is made from glass fiber reinforced plastics which is anti-rusting, long service life, unfading etc. The less maintenance will help you reduce the cost and help you win more benefits. What is more, the paint is adapted real car paint which is colorful brightness to keep long time out of fading. Furthermore, the professional spray room helps the worker to make our products more delicate.

Small commercial electric carousel for sale

Obviously, small kids electric merry go round for sale is powered by electric (220V)which can be operated conveniently by a big control box. The cost is very low during all products for its mini shape. According to the investigation, carousel is necessary for amusement equipment in amusement park, zoo etc. Ont the other hand, it has a big value in industry business. You can earn more returns in short time.

What is the special features of small merry go round in our company?

Roundabout ride for sale are on sale for its unique features.

  • The centerpieces in the middle of small carousel horse for sale are all kind of pictures which are suitable for the whole rides. In a word, it looks like a excellent masterpiece.
  • The size of cornice on the top of the roof is always bigger than platform decorated with beautiful pictures and flashing LED lights. At a glance, you can not move your eyes.

Dinis Carousel Structure Design

  • The music system is very advanced and upload every kind of music.
  • Novel design and dignified exterior.
  • Widely applicable places for installing and running.
  • Carousel weight small It is very portable to use.

High Quality Carousel

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How to buy Dinis small carousel horse for sale?

Wholesale supplier padded electric small merry go round for toddlers

As a wholesales, the big discount can be provided in Dinis. Compared with other company, the price in our company is reasonable and changeable. At the same time, we can help you print the logo if you need. Or we can make logo for you. Which one is better for you, pl tell me as soon as possible.

Fruit Small Kids Flying Horses For Sale

Then, you can sell the products. On the other hand, renting small indoor merry go round to clients is the best way for businessmen. The price you can set by hour, day, week , month or other else. What is more, you can sell second hand carousel model to earn more money. Therefore, small commercial electric carousels for sale is high valuable industry. Why not purchase small model carousel merry go rent online in front of stores with 3 horses now?

Cute Shape

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What is the minimum coefficient of mini rideable merry go round?

Merry go round plastic but small, compared with others, like 12/16/24/36 seat carousel. You stand on merry go round spinning revolutions per second around the center. The speed is the same as others, in spite of the small shape.In a playground there is a small merry go round of mass 120kg. It is very convenient for us to play and for businessmen to run. It needs area size about 105m*2m, voltage (220V, 800W). Then it works in a good condition. How many passengers are available? 3/6 is enough for capacity riding on small merry go round for amusement park.

Where to buy the top mini amusement rides?

If you want to start business for small kiddie rides, then it is very important to find the reliable suppliers. Dinis has more than 20 years experience in industry in China, especially in mini or medium amusement equipment. We have professional skill in R&D, design, production, debugging and installation. At the same time, we offer one stop service. We dedicate to customer satisfaction continually. As a client in our company, the high quality service can be offered.

Aiming to the research of mini amusement equipment, carousel, bumper car, flying chair, children trampolines , joy ride, etc, totally one hundred kinds of products can be offered. Any kind will give you a big surprise. At the same time, we can provide custom service, like custom bumper car, customer train rides.etc. If you can think, we will make it.

Advanced and skilled export experience can help our company expend the globe market in a short time in industry. Today our rids can be exported to USA, UK, South Korea, France, South Africa, Middle East, etc. The good feedback from the clients improves our reputation higher at home and abroad. Our relationship is going further than before. Finally, a word is popular among them “ less cost, buy more, make more”. If you come, you will know well.

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