Matters Need Attention for Rainbow Slide

The rainbow slide is a safe, non-powered amusement device suitable for visitors of all ages. Riders use their own body weight to slide down. The structure of the rainbow slide is simple, mainly comprising the slide itself, cushions, and guardrails. Additionally, its production and installation are straightforward, and the subsequent maintenance costs are very low. Therefore, overall, the dry snow rainbow slide is an investment with a considerably high rate of return. To give riders the best experience, here are some matters need attention for rainbow slide for both riders and the park manager.

Matters Need Attention for Riders when riding the Rainbow Slide

Visitors should follow the instructions and directions of the park management staff to ensure their own safety and that of others around them while enjoying the ride.

When riding, hold onto the slide ring handles tightly at all times. Lie flat on the ring, straighten your legs as much as possible and lift them above the ring to maintain balance. Do not release your hands or touch the slide with your body while sliding. Standing up or performing other dangerous actions is prohibited.

Once the snow tube reaches the end of the dry snow rainbow slide, leave the slide area promptly. Do not linger or take photos near the endpoint to prevent being hit by other snow tubes.

Guests with special medical conditions are not allowed to ride: those with heart disease, vertigo, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, cervical spine disease, high blood pressure, etc. Pregnant women and individuals over the age of 60 are also prohibited from riding.

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What Should Park Staff Pay Attention to the Dry Snow Rainbow Slope Unpowered Park Ride?

Enforce any age and height restrictions for the ride to ensure the safety of all guests.

Instruct riders on the proper way to descend the slide, such as sitting down feet-first, to prevent injuries.

Perform regular checks of the slide’s surface and structure for any damage, wear, or hazards like cracks or debris.

Organize and manage the line for the slide to prevent overcrowding and ensure a smooth flow of riders.

Clearly explain the rules of the slide, such as no running up the slide, taking turns, and not crowding the exit area.

Be aware of weather conditions that could affect safety, such as rain making the slide too slippery.

Monitor the number of people on the slide at one time and ensure it does not exceed the recommended capacity to protect riders’ safety.

Keep the slide and surrounding area free of litter, spills, or other substances that could affect the safety and enjoyment of the ride.

Be prepared to provide basic first aid in case of minor injuries and know how to quickly contact emergency services for more serious incidents.

Ensure that regular maintenance schedules are followed to keep the slide in safe working order.

Have a park staff member present to supervise the slide when it is in use to provide assistance and enforce rules.

Remember that each park might have specific protocols based on their unique equipment and guest needs, so always follow the guidelines provided by your employer or the ride manufacturer.

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