Adult Train Rides

Dinis best adult amusement train rides on sale 2019

Adult train rides are popular mobile rides in Dinis which become an activities among people, especially for adults. On one hand, ride on trains for adult is powered by battery or electric supplies which is the best way to environmental protection. Therefore, to some extent, it is a sunrise industry for business. On the other hand, for its convenience people can use it widely, amusement park, ocean park, fair, square, scenic spot etc are available.


Hot Selling Carnival Train Rides in Dinis
Hot Selling Carnival Train Rides in Dinis

And the requirement of site is not complicated, flat, ground, cement are available, even slope. Then as a transportation, we can use them for sightseeing which is the best way to be a tourist. In addition, it can get more money quickly in returns and have a lot of market share in industry. That is why more and more people want to invest for big commercial value in 2019.


Party Luxury Track Train Ride for Adults

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Top new types for sale in Dinis 2019

Obviously, Dinis not only is a big brand for mobile amusement rides in China but also all over the world. And it is very portable amusement rides to play for customers. Furthermore, it is suitable for any places and has a little requirements for the site. If you feel tired at school or office, it will be the best relaxed way to be happy. At present, we has produced all kinds of train rides for you in terms of different places. Now , there are top new types for sale in 2019 which can bring you adventure experience.

Commercial adult size ride on train and track sale Dinis

It belongs to a type of adult train rides which works by electric power. People can operate by control box which you can turn on or off. Then it needs to run on the track.

  • On one hand, the track is made of strong steel with high quality. The length and shape of the track we can adjust by your needs, a circle , 8 shape etc are available.
  • On the other hand, the railway sleepers under the track are made from pine with high quality and anti-corrosion. Therefore, the material can be used for a long time than ordinary wood. It has the LED colors and flashing color to attract people’s eyes, especially kids.

Now kids love to ride on train with track for adult for sale. Currently, Dinis has produced Thomas adult train rides, elephant mini adult train rides, bullet adult trackless train, etc. All of them belongs to adults small train for sale.

Mini Thomas adult train rides with track for sale

Electric trains for sale are amusement rides with cartoon figure, Thomas appearance for above 8. Parents also can ride together with kids. There are 4 cabins for one set. Apart from this, we can add or decrease cabins according to your requirements. Meanwhile, the position of track must be fixed. The train needs to work at one place. However, the shape and length of the track we can adjust for your needs. And there are all kinds of animal at the top of the carriage which you can choose by your own, like deer, sheep etc.


Mini Thomas Track Train Ride for Adults

Kids bear cartoon track for sale Dinis

Kid bear cartoon design track train looks like a big bear as locomotive which equipped with remote control system and variable transmission system. Drivers can use a USB disc to play music. The sound of acoustics is sub woofer mode. All kinds of colorful LED light can be covered on the whole train rides. On nights, it can attract all people to play for its flashing and bright lights. In term of the materials, it is made from eco-environmental FRP and galvanized tube. Therefore it never gets rust. It is so safe for kids to ride and brings happy experience for their childhood.


Mini Track Train for Adults in Dinis

Attractive small ant train rides for adult 2019

It is a new type in Dinis 2019. The exterior is the shape of a cute bug. It works by electric and operated by a control box. Every cabin have enough space for four kids. Every seat has seat belt to keep kids from danger. And we can installed simple tent at the top of tent which can keep out the light. In addition that, you can control it remotely. Because every set train rides can have a remote key to turn on or off. It very convenient to operate and control. It is on sale now.


Small Ant Track Train with Carport for Sale
Small Ant Track Train with Carport for Sale

Elephant mini adult train rides with track for sale

It is made into elephant appearance as a locomotive powered by electric. And it has enough space for one adult, one kid or tow kids. Elephant mini adult train rides with track are popular for its unique style. At the same time, we can make it without track. To some extent, elephant trackless train can be more convenient than this type. How about your choice?Please contact us as quickly as possible.

Classic Elephant Toy Track Train for Sale in Dinis

Trackless electric trains for adults transport

If you want to find amusement park adult ride train for travel, why not come to Dinis?If you want to have a good trip, why not have a train ride travel? Now the way for vacations is hot sale door out using adults ride mini train to go. According to different places, there are different trackless train rides for you.

Adult ride on garden trains for sale

There is one type of trackless train rides belongs to adult ride on garden trains for sale. Obviously, it can be used in garden, as a sightseeing train rides. Now it is very popular all over the world. And there are several types can be suitable for garden, small elephant trackless train, ocean trackless train, bullet trackless train, antique trackless trains etc. They can not only use in the garden, but also in shopping malls, backyard, like backyard ride on trains adults and children, and electric ride on train for sale shopping mall adults etc.

Classic Historic train rides for Sale in Dinis

Large adult tourist trackless train rides for sale

Obviously, it belongs to a kind of giant ride on train for adults. In terms of power supply, it can be powered by battery or diesel engine. This kind of large kids train rides for adult are mostly used as a transportation from one place to another place. It consists of one locomotive and 4 cabins (increase or decline are allowed). Customized service is offered. It can hold 20 passengers for one cabin. Furthermore, we can make the cabin into open or close with windows. Which way is the perfect for you, please tell us. How do you think about it ? do u love them?

Amusement Park Vintage Tourist Train Rides for Sale
Amusement Park Vintage Tourist Train Rides for Sale

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Popular elephant trackless train for sale in Dinis

It consists of one locomotive like an elephant and three cabins powered by battery. Every cabin can have enough space for 4 kids or a adult, one kid and two kids can ride in the locomotive. At the same time, it can be used in shopping market, park, funfair, zoo, theme park etc. It have enough battery including five battery on the locomotive to make the train rides work. In addition that the amounts of battery and cabins we can increase or decline by your requirements. . It is so beautiful covered with vivid pictures, colors, lights. Nowadays it is more and more popular among people of all ages.

Ocean trackless train for adults

It is a kind of mini trackless train rides in our company. And it is so easy to operate by battery which is non- environment and no emissions. For its variable appearance style and exquisite craft, we can regard it as a masterpiece to enjoy. Furthermore the color is based on blue, by this way ,i t will make you swim in the boundless ocean world. There are a lot of ocean animals at the top of the cabin which makes you feel more realistic image. For kids, they will have a mysterious and euphoric trip. Apart from that, all the body material are made from FRP which is durable and anti-corrosion. It needs little maintenance for businessman. Why not choose?


Classic Elephant Toy Track Train for Sale in Dinis

Ocean Electric Track Train for Party

Classic High Speed Child Friendly Train for Sale
Classic High Speed Child Friendly Train for Sale

Dinis Luxury Train Rides for Kids
Dinis Luxury Train Rides for Adults Dinis

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Amazing bullet trackless train

This kind of adult train rides, small China Railway High-speed amusement equipment which is produced newly and environmentally. You will feel comfortable like real high speed railway and amazing on its beautiful appearance. It is popular with its funny and excited experience. To some extent, people can use widely, for example, shopping mall, theme park, ans large size square and so on. In a word, it is the best choice for you in 2019.

Useful adult Antique trackless train for sale 2019

Nowadays they are in fashion not only as a special transportation, but also a human landscape. Currently, on one hand, people in the management of landscape often use it to build a close relationship between many large fields to visit conveniently. Apart from that, short manufacturing cycle, unique appearance, low cost of producing can make it become a worthy invest. On the other hand, it walks by inflatable tire on the flat or cement and has vivid appearance for beautiful scenery. Therefore, we can call it sightseeing trackless ride.


Where we can find easily adult fun train rides ?

Adult size train for kids rides are very easy to control and operate today. Real ride on trains for adult are popular around the world. People can see and run them everywhere. Do you want to ride? Do you want to enjoy time on your journey? Why not find them now? And you must think where you can find? Now there are some advice we can offer. Big ride on trains for adults can be used widely.

  • Best choice for scenic spots and tourist areas This is the best choice for your vacation. When you feel tired during holiday, it can not only lessen the stress of body but also increase energy. Meanwhile, beautiful landscape is in your eyes. In a word, it is a good transportation for travel.

Antique Train Ride Is Available in Dinis
Antique Train Ride for Adults in Dinis

  • Popular at backyard and residential It is convenient for family to ride. After work, they can enjoy happy moments with families rather than stay at home on weekends and holidays. Why not choose train rides to run and play? Welcome to our Dinis factory.

Antique Amusement Park Train Is Available in Dinis
Antique Adults Amusement Park Train Is Available in Dinis

  • Big market, shopping mall and walking street are available. When you go shopping with families, it can make kids happy. It looks like you have a real railway trip in a short time. At the same time, it can build good relationship between families.
  • Attractive various parks, and zoos It is very convenient for play, whether train rides with track or trackless train. Both of them can bring a good experience for kids and adults. You can enjoy the journey here rather than in a real railway.
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What is the unique features adult train rides for business?

As a manufacture, compared with others, Dinis has own way to make adult trains for sale to ride popular and attractive.

  • Stainless safety door Every train rides have a door on every cabin to ensure kids safety. If you don’t want, we can change it in to the steel link chain. For parents, you can be relaxed. If not, you can sit together with kids. The space of rides is enough.
  • Two kinds of service to be offered. Trackless type and train rides with track are available. According to your needs, we can offer. Both of them are very awesome in Dinis.

  • Colorful LED lights and bright colors and appearance on every cabins It is covered with flashing light and beautiful pictures to attract kids to play. Unique appearance is in fashion, like elephant trackless train, ocean trackless train, etc.
  • High quality material Made of excellent FRP which has good corrosion resistance are durable. By this way, it can decline the cost or budget to invest and maintain. In order to get high returns.

  • Professional baking finish room and car spraying for painting As a producer, we have a big place or factory to manufacture train rides, the baking finish room is necessary for beautiful and bright color to paint adult train rides. Apart from this, brightness contrast is different to use different spraying. Professional car spraying can increase the brightness and has a long lifetime.
  • Optional cabins amounts As a customer, it is up for you to need the amounts of cabins. For adult train rides, it consists of a locomotive and several cabins which we can fix according to your needs. Therefore, you can have more choice to purchase adult train rides for sale.

Elegant Vintage Adults Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale

  • Fixed (changeable) price for purchase On holidays, our products, bumper cars, train rides etc will have a big discount. In addition, if you buy a lot of products in our factory, we can give you another favourable price. Please contact us as quickly as possible.

Birthday Party Bullet Trackless Train Ride for Adults in Dinis

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How much does it cost for a adult train ride?

Do you love this cute adult train ride? Why not purchase? Then do you know about the price? Let me tell you now. Whether you buy amusement train ride with track for adults or trackless train rides for adult, there are still two ways to buy our train rides.Undoubtedly, the price of different types have big difference. Therefore, some factors can be proved for customers.

Buying railway train set adult by wholesale

The price of train ride are influenced by the amounts of cabins. If you want more, it will not be cheap. Compared to trackless train rides, it needs high cost to produce. However, to some extent, it is more cheap than other companies. On holidays, we will have special offer for you. If you have interests, please contact us as soon as possible.

Cheap (changeable price) custom train rides are on sale in 2019

It is a special service to satisfy with our customers. Compared with others, it needs more professional craft and skilled design. Therefore, it is not cheap at the price. But it is durable and has little maintenance to help you cut down the cost. Both of ways can help you purchase cheap products with high quality in Dinis.

Top 1 amusement equipment suppliers –Dinis Company

Our main products are: carousel, bumper cars, flying chairs, children trampolines, joy ride, mini shuttle, mini roller coaster, train rides etc,totally more than one hundred kinds of products. What kind of electric amusement equipment for your park, shopping mall,please contact us as quickly as possible.

As a big manufacture, Dinis contributes itself to creation for amusement rides.Here are professional artists to help you design the colorful and unique appearance for products. For Dinis, it is a masterpiece for kids to use novel thought to build a kingdom of fairy tales. We design product at the core of innovation.That is why our company can lead the forefront of the industry. Additionally,Dinis is specialized in the research, design, production and sale of professional amusement equipment. Under the support of a number of excellent R&D personnel and skillful technical workers, products if our company are popular with all customers at home and abroad and enjoy high popularity.

Currently our company regards Satisfied the needs for customer as the final goal to service our clients.Then what is the customer’s need?How to find? By now,we are still in the process of research.Compared with others, we are more professional and dedicated. The advantage of the goal makes us warmly welcome friends from all over the world to come to visit us for guidance. In additional, seeking reliable business partners and buyers, for establishing long-term. Stable and mutually beneficial trade partnerships is very important policy in Dinis. Meanwhile, we hope we can make progress and development together with customer and partners with high quality service. Best choice for you.

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