Matters Need Attention for Rainbow Slide 0 (0)

The rainbow slide is a safe, non-powered amusement device suitable for visitors of all ages. Riders use their own body weight to slide down. The structure of the rainbow slide is simple, mainly comprising the slide itself, cushions, and guardrails. Additionally, its production and installation are straightforward, and the subsequent maintenance costs are very low. … Read more

Comparison between New and Used Backyard Trains for Sale 0 (0)

New Backyard Ride on Train with Tracks

Are you considering installing a ride on train for adults and kids to your backyard to add more fun to your daily life? And are you trying to decide to buy new rideable trains for sale or used backyard trains for sale? When comparing a new backyard ride on train to a used one, there … Read more

What Makes Christmas Mall Train So Popular within Shopping Complex Owners 0 (0)

Most Popular Mall Train for Sale within Shopping Complex Owners

A comprehensive shopping center is a collection of shipping, dining, entertainment and leisure. To give mall goers a better experience and increase revenue of mall business, many shopping complex owners consider investing in mall trains for sale, so do our customers. There are many types of train rides that are suitable for a shopping mall. … Read more

How to Start Bumper Car Business 0 (0)

Bumper cars for sale are a fun, exciting and interactive amusement ride, popular with people of all ages. In addition, the bumper car business has a good future beyond imagination. So if you want to start your own amusement ride business, adult bumper cars would definitely be a great option. But do you know how to start … Read more

Advantages of Unpowered Rides 0 (0)

In addition to mechanical amusement rides, unpowered rides now occupy a large market. These non-electric rides are popular with people of all ages, especially kids. Furthermore, a place with different types of unpowered amusement facilities has always been one of the most popular options for families. Therefore, if you have an idea to start a family entertainment business, an … Read more

Top 4 Hot Sale Unpowered Rides 0 (0)

Unpowered rides are popular with the public, especially families with kids. So this is a promising project to invest in cost-effective non-electric amusement facilities. Don’t miss the chance to build a personalized park in your city! Here are Dinis’ top 4 hot sale unpowered rides for your reference. Indoor playground with different equipment Both adults and … Read more

Bumper Car Safety Rules 0 (0)

After learning “how do bumper cars work”, “are bumper cars safe”, “how to drive bumper cars”, “how to take care of bumper cars”, etc., you also should know the safety rules and the do’s and don’ts when playing dodgem rides. This is important because it relates to whether players can have a good game experience and … Read more

Three Sizes of Merry Go Rounds 0 (0)

The merry go round carousel is ubiquitous in many places, such as amusement parks, theme parks, malls, squares, carnivals, etc. By and large, carousel rides of different sizes are suitable for different locations. Here are the three sizes of merry go rounds available at the Dinis factory. You can choose the right size of FRP merry go … Read more

How about Dinis Fiberglass Carousel Horse 0 (0)

If you are a businessman and are about to start your carousel business, the most important thing to do is to buy high quality carousel rides for sale. In today’s market, most merry go round rides are made of FRP. So here comes the question. What is FRP? Why does this material have a big … Read more