Bumper Car Safety Rules 0 (0)

After learning “how do bumper cars work”, “are bumper cars safe”, “how to drive bumper cars”, “how to take care of bumper cars”, etc., you also should know the safety rules and the do’s and don’ts when playing dodgem rides. This is important because it relates to whether players can have a good game experience and … Read more

Three Sizes of Merry Go Rounds 0 (0)

The merry go round carousel is ubiquitous in many places, such as amusement parks, theme parks, malls, squares, carnivals, etc. By and large, carousel rides of different sizes are suitable for different locations. Here are the three sizes of merry go rounds available at the Dinis factory. You can choose the right size of FRP merry go … Read more

How about Dinis Fiberglass Carousel Horse 0 (0)

If you are a businessman and are about to start your carousel business, the most important thing to do is to buy high quality carousel rides for sale. In today’s market, most merry go round rides are made of FRP. So here comes the question. What is FRP? Why does this material have a big … Read more

A Brief History of Carousel 0 (0)

Carousel rides are one of the anchor attractions at amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, shopping malls, squares, and parks, etc. They are suitable for people of all ages. All players who are adults, children, families, friends, lovers, will have a memorable experience riding on the “seats” mounted on a rotating circular platform. But do you know … Read more

Where to Buy Bumper Cars 0 (0)

Amusement bumper car rides are ubiquitous at amusement parks, theme parks and squares. That’ s because people of all ages from all over the world cannot resist the charm of this device. As a result, business persons know that bumper cars have a good prospect. If you are about to start your bumper car business, the … Read more

How Much Are Bumper Cars 0 (0)

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Top 3 Types of Thomas Train Ride 0 (0)

Thomas Ride on Electric Train Compared to other train rides, this electric Thomas ride on train is much smaller. But it has vivid and captivating appearance, commanding the attention of tourists, especially kids. On the one hand, there is a control box to turn on and off the train equipment, making it convenient to manage … Read more

How Do Electric Bumper Cars Work 0 (0)

The bumper car is one of the popular carnival rides welcomed by young people. This amusement ride is exciting and fun. It’s also, frankly, therapy for people who are stressed out under the weight of life or work. Because players can release their pressure when they crash into each other. Among the many types of … Read more