Electric Trackless Train

Electric trackless train is ubiquitous in public and private places, amusement parks, shopping malls, backyards, parties, parks, etc.

Dinis Rideable Electric Trackless Train for Sale

  • Rideable trains for sale have trackless type and tracked type. Electric trackless train ride belongs to a kind of electric amusement equipment. It is very convenient to ride on and operate. That is why we can name it portable ride. By the way, besides the electric trackless train ride, bumper cars and 3 horse carousel are also portable and moveable for temporary event, carnivals or parties. Now this type of train ride is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Its function is not only an amusement equipment for people of different ages, but also a transportation for passengers. Therefore, this amusement equipment is the best choice for kids and adults.
  • It has a wide use in scenic spot, business street, walk street, hotel, etc. This trackless train has different types, such as ride on train, antique type, elephant one, ocean kind, big tourist train, etc. All of our trains have excellent appearances with colorful lights, attracting kids a lot.

Ride on Train for Sale
Ride on Train for Sale

Generally speaking, our train consists of one loco and three cabins which are changeable in quantity. In a word, the train can bring you memorable experience or huge benefits.

New Types of Trackless Electric Train

  • Kid steam electric trackless train

Small Trackless Steam Train
Small Trackless Steam Train

  • This kind of electric trackless train was launched in China in 2018. And then until 2022, it has been one of our company’s most popular train rides. It is a type of small train that moves by electricity. When it runs, smoke comes out of the chimney at the top of the locomotive, like a real railway. You will fall in love with this ride for its colorful appearance and beautiful songs for kids. Passengers above 2 years old are allowed to ride the equipment alone. While if babies or toddlers want to have a try, parents should accompany them.
  • The safety is in guarantee because of the low speed (adjustable) and safety belts. Presents don’t have to worry about the safety any more. In addition, this type of trackless electric train ride has enough room for 14-20 passengers, including 2 in the locomotive. Passengers can enjoy the scenery along the way and leisure time away form work or chores during the march. The train equipment will bring a happy and good travel to you. How do you think about it?

  • Big/mini/middle-size tourist trackless train rides for sale

There are three new popular varieties for sale, depending on the train size and passenger capacity. Large electric trackless trains for sale can carry 40 people, middle-sized trackless electric train for sale is alright for 24 tourists, and amusement mini electric trackless train is available for 14 passengers. Which one do you want?

  • Do electric trains have drivers? Of course. The driver with driving license need to use accelerator pedal, steering wheel, brake, etc., frequently to control the speed, stop and avoid pedestrians or obstacles on the road. In order to reduce the fatigue during driving, we design sightseeing train rides based on human beings to create a comfortable and convenient driving experience for customers.
  • It is able to regard the trackless train ride as a transportation to pick up tourists to enjoy the scenery along the way in scenic spots or business streets. Our products can provide tourists with wide views and comfortable rides, both of which are important performance indicators. Definitely, this humanized design can attract more passengers so that it will bring you great profits.

  • Antique train for sale

Due to the mobility of the trackless train ride, portable amusement equipment is a suitable name to describe it. Therefore, the function of it is not only a transportation for sightseeing, but also an novel attraction equipment for tourists. Have a try, please.

Colorful LED Lights on Train Ride
Colorful LED Lights on Train Ride

  • The design concept of this antique train ride is derived from real ancient trains which can work by fueling coal. Compared with ancient trains, modern antique trains can run on electricity or diesel, which is more convenient than the old ones. Over time, it has become increasingly fashionable in up-to-date society. Its appearance design (customized with your country’s culture) is covered with colorful painting, flashing LED lights, ancient pictures and figures.


  • Furthermore, people can use it in large hotel, shopping center, holiday village, etc. In addition, it can climb a slope at a gradient of 10-15. While if your site has many slopes, a diesel train ride is better. Large or medium train rides in our company are diesel or battery types, such as Thomas the train amusement park. If you are interested. you can enter the link to read more.

  • Dinis Thomas ride on train

  1. The appearance of Thomas train in bright and beautiful colors is derived from Thomas the Train, a famous cartoon character that kids fall in love with on TV. Apart from the attractive look, this kind of ride on train is different from other modern trackless train rides. Because passengers sit astride on the cabin rather than in it.
  2. This electric trackless train is powered by five pieces of battery (adjusted by your requirements). Our battery has a long service life. It can run for about 80kms continuously. That is to say, it can work for 10 hours outside or 12 hours inside on a full charge. What’s more, the wide application of Thomas ride on train makes it popular in urban villages, shopping malls, large shopping centers, farmer’s supermarkets, scenic spots, etc. As a result, today this kind of small-scale electric train becomes a stylish amusement equipment in entertainment industry.

Shopping Mall Trackless Train Rides for Sale
Shopping Mall Trackless Train Rides for Sale

Rideable Trains for Sale
Rideable Trains for Sale

Dinis New Thomas Trackless Train Rides for Sale
Dinis New Thomas Trackless Train Rides for Sale

Scenic Electric Trackless Train Rides
Scenic Electric Trackless Train Rides

Hot large electric trackless train ride technical specifications

Notes: Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Steel Max Speed: 25 km/h (adjustable) Color: Customized
Turing Radius: 8m Music: Mp3 or Hi-Fi Capacity: 42 people
Power: 15KW Control: Battery Service Time: 8-10 hours
Battery: 12pcs 6V 200A Charge Time: 6-10 hours Light: LED

How to Buy Train Rides at Cheap Price?

As a businessman, how to reduce cost is important key to succeed. Therefore, there are several ways to solve this problem. Generally speaking, the price of Dinis products are reasonable and changeable among suppliers around the world.

  • Buy train rides on holidays, labors’ Day, Christmas Day, Children’s Day

In terms of our large market all over the world, the price of the product is at the same level for every client wherever you are from. During festivals, such as Labor Day, Christmas, Children’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, the big discount can be given to you. If you purchase more products, the discount can be bigger. In a word, the price is  changeable in different holidays, and the total price is decided by final amounts. Please contact us as quickly as possible, don’t miss out on being a millionaire.

  • Clearance sales

Various Train Rides in Dinis
Various Train Rides in Dinis

  • Dinis will hold clearance sales activities every year. During those periods, there are a lot of stock entertainment equipment on sale. The price of all Zhengzhou Dinis rides is much lower than that of the daily. Meanwhile, cheap train rides, short production cycle and fast delivery can be offered.
  • What’s more, if you are about to purchase all kinds of amusement rides for a large amusement park, we can provide you with the biggest discount on our goods and satisfy you in all aspects.


  • Aiming to wholesalers, electric trackless train rental is possible. We can give you a big discount if you buy train rides from our company. And then you can start your rental business.
  • Now there are many electric train model sets for sale. Do you decide to buy which one? Please tell us.

Trackless Train Ride Business about Electrical Mall Train Specialty Services and Other Unique Services

Trackless electric train rides can provide specialty services in our daily life. Currently, the amusement activity is very popular among kids. When children see the train, they would like to ride it all the time and don’t want to leave. As a transportation, people can use the train to pick up kids. By this way, children are willing to get up early and they will have a happy mood to go to school.

Therefore, parents may pay more attention to their children’s safety. Well, don’t worry about that, each passenger seat is equipped with a firm safety belt to protect tourists’ safety. What’s more, the maximum running speed of the large electric trackless train equipment is 25km/h, very safe for passengers, even for pregnant women.

Can inconvenient people take the train ride? Of course. In order to let these people as well as ride the train, a new service on the train can be created. There is a slope platform designed to help them get on our trackless train. Therefore, everyone can enjoy the train set and have an unforgettable experience.

Slope Platform on Electric Trackless Train
Slope Platform on Electric Trackless Train

How do you think about this specialty service? If you have needs, tell us and we can provide you with customized service.

Trackless Electric Tourist Train Manufacturers & Suppliers — Dinis

  • Rich exporting experience and good reputation around the globe

Dinis specializes in the research, design, production, and sale of professional amusement equipment for more than 20 years. Therefore, we can ensure intimate service for you. In addition, under the support of a large number of excellent R&D personnel and skilled technical workers, products of our company are popular with all customers at home and abroad and enjoy high popularity. Based on the point, we build a kingdom of amusement rides. Welcome you to visit our factory.

  • High quality products and variety diversity

Brand New Trackless Train Ride
Brand New Trackless Train Ride

  • On one hand, our main products are: carousel, flying chair, bumper car, children trampolines, train rides, joy rides, mini shuttle, indoor playgrounds, mini roller coaster, undulating trains, disco turntable, spraying ball car, samba balloon ball, etc., totally more than one hundred kinds of products to meet your needs. Meanwhile, our designer is creating new family entertainment equipment for changeable modern life.
  • On the other hand, all of our products conform to export requirements, and they have passed the quality, safety, environmental protection of certification. Rigorous quality testing procedures and professional means of detection ensure safe and reliable products. Therefore, Dinis amusement rides are in high quality and our brand is famous all over the world.

  • Intimate and sincere pre-sales consultation and after-sales guarantee

Pre-sales consultation service

  1. 24-hour online service is available. Our salespeople are professionals who can provide you with sincere opinion and technical advice. By this way, you can gain a lot of expertise on our products.
  2. Customized service is available according to your requirements and needs.

After-sales guarantee service

  1. 12 months warranty, during this period, free spare parts are available. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, contact us and we will deal with that in time.
  2. Best salespeople let you know the order process by sending you producing process pictures.
  3. Products are packed with thick film or plastic foam to protect rides from damage during the transportation.
  4. Offer installation instructions, videos and products operation manual.
  5. A professional technician is available to your place to guide the assembly if needed.

Flying Chair Swing Carousel
Flying Chair Swing Carousel

Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship

Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel

Luxury Self-control Plane
Luxury Self-control Plane

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