Electric Bumper Car in the Philippines

Maria, an enterprising client from the Philippines, envisioned transforming a mall space into a lively family entertainment center. Among the various attractions, she aimed to highlight an exclusive area for the universally loved bumper cars. Pairing them with arcade games, miniature carousels and other family rides, Maria’s focus was to create a hub of joy for families to revel in. Here are the details of this successful project of electric bumper car in the Philippines for your reference.

After knowing Maria’s bumper car business would take place indoors, we recommended electric ground-grid dodgems for sale. These offered distinct advantages over ceiling-net bumper cars. Because electric floor-powered dashing cars are easier to install and maintain. Additionally, compared to battery bumper cars, floor-grid electric bumper car models provide consistent power and reduce downtime. That’s because electric bumper cars have no need to charge batteries. Maria agreed with our suggestion so we delved deeper into the investment details.

Recommended Ground-grid Electric Bumper Car for Philippine Shopping Mall
Recommended Ground-grid Electric Bumper Car for Philippine Shopping Mall

Given Maria’s goal to cater to families, it was crucial to select an adult bumper car model that would accommodate children and their guardians comfortably. Hence, we introduced the two-seater, shoe-type electric bumper car for adults and kids. It is a classic choice that’s stood the test of time. This design allows for a shared experience between adults and children. At the same time, these 2-seater adult bumper cars are equipped with two seat belts to promise passengers’ safety.

Various bumper cars are available at Dinis factory. According to Maria’s condition, we offered her a choice between vintage and modern gradient-color electric bumper cars for adults. Inspired by their vibrant hues and fresh appeal, she chose the latter. Maria hoped that her scooter bumper cars could be attractive to Filipino families and even tourists from all over the world.

Two Seater Electric Bumper Car with Gradient Color
Two Seater Electric Bumper Car with Gradient Color
Classic Shoe-type Bumper Cars for Sale
Classic Shoe-type Bumper Cars for Sale

Last but not least, we talked about the cost to start a bumper car business. Maria planned out a 300 square meter area for the bumper car attraction. Hence, to optimize the guest experience, we advised 15 units. Budgeting for the bumper cars and the infrastructure required an investment of approximately $38,000. It covered the cost of 15 units of FRP adult size electric bumper cars and the 300-sqm modular flooring with the necessary electrical control box. Following negotiations, we provided Maria with a $2,000 discount, bringing her final cost to buy bumper cars down to $36,000.

Project of electric bumper car in the Philippines is a success! A few months into operation, Maria’s family-friendly electric bumper car business has already broken even. Additionally, it has established itself as a sought-after destination within the local community. Encouraged by the success, Maria is now considering purchasing additional family rides to expand her offerings. She expresses her intent to continue partnering with us for her future needs.

If you are also considering launching a bumper car venture, feel free to contact us. We provide professional technical support and advice to ensure the success of your business.

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