What’s the Price of a Crazy Train Carnival Ride

Are you about to hold a carnival? Are you looking for suitable amusement rides? Do you want to know what’s the price of a crazy train carnival ride?

Look here. Carnival train rides for sale manufactured by our factory are specially for carnival activities in different themes around the world. Customers do carnival business in diverse places, buying a portable train will be your best choice. You can move the train to any carnival by trailer thanks to its flexibility and mobility.

  • To be honest, the price of every kind of entertainment equipment depends on the size, design, type, passenger capacity, material, etc. So do carnival train rides. Generally speaking, the price is from $2,000 to $48,000; a small or mini train is cheaper than a large train set; a train with tracks is more expensive than a trackless train; and a train ride in simple designs is cheaper than a set in complex molds. The following are 3 types of train rides suitable for carnival just for your reference.

Price of Crazy Carnival Battery Operated Ride on Train

Trackless Ride on Trains for Adults & Kids
Trackless Ride on Trains for Adults & Kids

The door of our train carriages can be closed, open, or semi-closed. For carnivals, we suggest a open or semi-closed train set because it is convenient for tourists to get on and off the train. Therefore, a ride on train for adults and kids is a good choice. The commercial battery-operated ride on train for carnival is a new design of our company but popular among tourists and passengers. Due to its unique appearance, people sit on the train like riding a horse, new and fresh for them. The battery is lead acid. It can be fully charged in 6-7 hours generally and can use for 8-10 hours, enough for the carnival that usually runs from afternoon to evening over the course of a day.

What’s more, the price of the attraction is around $10,000, generally affordable for most of buyers. And you can easily earn back the capitalized cost because this equipment in novel design attracts people. Usually, a train set has a locomotive and 3 or 4 cabins. As for the cabin, we have 4-seat and 5-seat types. That is to say, a cabin can carry at least 4 or 5 adults. But if passengers are children, the space for an adult is suitable for two kids.

Elephant Rail Road Train Kids Carnival Game Machine Mini Track Train Rides for Sale

If the festival comes in a certain fixed place, like theme park, amusement park, or farm, a track train will be also a good choice. It will be an attractive part of scenic spots. No matter whether there is a carnival, you can make money from it. Our firm has all kinds of train rides with tracks. Some railroads are for sightseeing, and some for fun. The biggest difference between them is that tourist train ride usually has a locomotive and its design is simple but beautiful. While train game machine is usually designed for children, which has cute and funny appearances in a riot of color.


  • Among so many train rides of different shapes, the elephant rail road train is one of the popular game machines. Its price is around $12,000. Compared with ride on trains, it has colorful paintings and cute designs. Its locomotive, which is a lovely elephant, actually is also a cabin. In addition, animal molds that are customizable are on the top of cabins. Such a ride really appeals to young children. Meanwhile, adults can also use the train so that they will regain their childhood memory.

Elephant Mini Track Train for Carnival
Elephant Mini Track Train for Carnival

In addition, carnivals may be held for other traditional festivals, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween. For these festivals, we specifically design some train rides, such as Santa’s Christmas train ride, carnival candy train, pumpkin train game for carnival, and so on. You can also tell us the theme and we can customize the train ride for the merrymaking.

Antique Design Electric Carnival Trackless Train

If you want an environmentally friendly train, an electric or battery-powered carnival train will be the choice of most people. This type of train is specially for carnival as a tourist sightseeing train. If revelers feel tired and don’t want to walk, they can also enjoy the hilarious atmosphere sitting on the trackless train.

In the evening, our carnival electric trackless train can help you make more money. Why? There are two reasons.

  • On the one hand, people can forget their work and enjoy their night life. They can release the stress of life at carnival holidays. On the other hand, there are headlights and colorful decoration LED lights on the train.

In the evening, turn on the lights and colorful lights will surround the train. Such a beautiful and colorful train can create a cheerful atmosphere for carnivals to attract more people.

Electric Trackless Train for Amusement Park
Electric Trackless Train for Amusement Park

  • So what’s the price of a crazy train carnival ride? As for this type, it costs around $30,000. While you may be confused about what makes it much more expensive than other train rides. That is because this type of train has a larger passenger capacity in contrast to others. It can carry at least 40 people. Thus, the train size is big. Meanwhile, the trackless train is not limited by places. Therefore, as a means of transportation different from other traditional vehicles, you can drive the train to take tourists to the carnival. It will definitely be an special part of the carnival.

Other carnival equipment

Do you have an idea of what’s the price of a crazy train carnival ride? Contact us for a free quote. Meanwhile, other carnival amusement rides are also available in our company, such as bumper cars, Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, flying chairs, indoor playgrounds, etc.

Prices of Different Train Sets for Carnival
Prices of Different Train Sets for Carnival

Prices of Carnival Train Rides
Prices of Carnival Train Rides

The Prices of Trackless Trains for Sale
The Prices of Trackless Trains for Sale

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