Antique Train Rides

Best kid’s activities are Dinis antique train rides for children in your eyes

Antique train rides belong to vintage amusement rides for sale in Dinis. Simultaneously it is a kind of mini amusement equipment. Classic train rides is based on antique appearance to design which make you have high period feel. You can see the old chimney smoking in the process of working and hear honing. To some extent, it can appeal to a lot of kids and adults to play.

Antique Trackless Train Rides for Sale
Antique Trackless Train Rides for Sale

Therefore, people can use it in large scenic area, supermarket, shopping mall , sightseeing district etc. It is not only a kid amusement ride, but also a kind of transportation. In addition, it has high ornamental value as a cultural landscape. All is very useful which can bring more benefits to you. Welcome to Dinis company.

White Antique Train Rides for Sale 2019
White Antique Train Rides for Sale 2019

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Optional kinds for your commercial business, which one is best?

Antique amusement equipment is becoming more and more fashionable around the worldwide market. It is no doubt that Dinis has produced a series of products without exception. Aiming to different types, antique train rides has occupied a big market share. What kind of products is suitable for you?

Antique trains on track to ride for sale

Classic trains on track can be called vintage electric trains for sale powered by electric. People can manage it easily by a control box. Trains have to work on the track that the designer makes it into a circle, shape like 8, oval or others. Now 14 seats mini antique kiddie track train rides with oval is on sale. And the length of vintage train ride track for sale is changeable by your site. The attractive appearance is covered with decorated LED lights and colorful pictures. It equips with advanced music system with good audio. During the process of working, the honing and playing popular music can make you in the real train. We can use it in indoors and outdoors with the low requirement of ground. The price of this entertainment equipment is very reasonable so that it keeps the pace with era development.

vintage park trains for sale with track

Vintage park train rides is in fashion on antique train rides. People can use them in different places, such as amusement park , garden, fairfield and so on. Therefore, according to the different area, our designer divides it into amusement park vintage ride on trains with tracks for sale, garden ride on trains classic cars, fairfield antique mall trains for sale, vintage shopping mall trains for sale,, etc. Kids ride on train with expandable track for 3 years old and up is necessary. If not, company with presents is possible. All the functions is the same like supply power by electric. Now they are becoming more and more fashionable all over the world.

Antique Tourist Train Rides for sale Dinis
Antique Tourist Train Rides for sale Dinis

Classic Historic train rides for Sale in Dinis

Dinis Vintage Amusement Park Trains for Sale
Dinis Vintage Amusement Park Trains Sale

New Vintage Train Rides for Sale in Dinis
New Vintage Train Rides for Sale in Dinis

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Hot antique train ride technical specifications

Notes: Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Area: 9.5*1.1*1.9mH Music: Mp3 or Hi-FI Capacity: 14 passengers
Power: 15KW Control: Battery/Diesel/electricity Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 380V/220V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED

Antique steam train for sale

Large funfair steam train children ride on vintage garden equipment is famous for its unique features, releasing the steam. It occupies an important statue in the history of train. It can smoke out from chimney like real train. However, now the material of smoking is e-liquid which can be put it into the chimney. Then , after several minutes, it will produce white smoking. Furthermore, we can classify it into two kinds, vintage steam train with track or trackless. Which one do you like? Please contact us as soon as possible.

Old diesel amusement trains for kids

Compared with others, there are big differences. It works by diesel engine which will have more power to go further, even big steep slope. The speed is very faster. Picking up passengers conveniently as a transportation from one place to another place is possible. on the contrary, it can make much noise than battery train rides when it works. In spite of this, maybe it can produce pollution by diesel. If your country has low requirements of environment, this can be your best choice. If not, other types will can be fit.

Special one -stop service can be offered in Dinis

The service object of Dinis is customer. The ongoing pursuit is to satisfy with customer. Aiming to this goal, our company offer a special service – one stop service.What is one stop service? Honestly speaking, It means that our company is specialized in the research, design, production and sale of professional amusement equipment. Further more, under the support of a number of excellent R&D personnel and skillful technical workers, products of our company are popular with all customers at home and abroad and enjoy high popularity. In terms of other aspects, we can have a good development of three kinds service.

  • Pre-sale service : When you buy products before, details and price can be offered as soon as possible. In spite of it, reasonable advice help you make a best decision for your business. 24 Online service can help you receive suggestion or solutions in time. How to arrange entertainment equipment for the whole park and calculate cost by capital and when you can get benefits? Or anything else?

Children Antique Train Rides with Lantern
Children Antique Train Rides with Lantern

  • Customized service : This service aims to improve customer satisfaction. We can design the train rides by your needs. What kind of supply power do you want? Where do you use? Which color? How about the size? All aspects can be customized according to your requirements. Meanwhile, you can update into VIP member to enjoy more rights. Don’t wait any more, please contact us for free.

Dinis Hot Vintage Train Rides for Birthday Party
Dinis Hot Vintage Train Rides for Birthday Party

  • After-sale service : After purchasing, after-sale service is coming. We welcome any questions, the we will deal with the problem in best way immediately, such as how to operate or maintenance, etc.

How about the speed of train rides ( changeable) and how are the brakes working?

Obviously, the speed is adjustable according to your needs. People can control by themselves the same as real cars. Furthermore, we can adjust its Max 10km/hrs. If you purchase vintage electric trains for sale with track, its customer ground is most kids, train rides should work slowly for safety. On the other hand, in terms of battery or steam train rides, it is not only amusement equipment, but also a transportation.

With full energy and battery, the speed will be fast than the former, but less than real cars. you can control it by footplate (the same as real car). In spite of this question, the recommended total weight for cabins is abut 1860KG with 3 cabins and max weight for passengers is 1000KG for one cabin. It has a little relationship with the speed. That is why it can attract more kids and adults after work to play.

How to deal with the problem of delivery a train rides to my living place and guaranty of its working ?

  • Delivery: Definitely we are a professional manufacturer, and every year we exported many sets train to different countries, such as Australia, America, Tanzania, Brazil, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Attached is our factory’s video, please have a look. We guarantee the delivery of goods to customers on time and in quantity. When the order is done, the stuff will send packing information to you, for example, 140HQ container,  Volume: 65 CBM , Weight: 4000kgs, arrival time, leave time etc. When the goods arrive, give an inform to receive goods on time. By this way, to protect your rights.
  • Guaranty: We provide life long technology support for the train, and 6 month free maintenance for electrical parts. For the other else, please contact me at any time. We will help you solve problem at the first time.

Mall Train Rides 2019

  • Operation: The train instructions will provide for you, so that you can operate and maintenance it more easier. If you don’t understand, we will send operating video to you in time until you can make it.

Excellent Antique Train Rides 2019

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How to confirm if the material trains is available to tropical and wet weather?

Undoubtedly speaking, all products will be influenced by weather in different levels. To some extent, it depends on the material of products. However, the material of products uses high quality fiber glass with good water resistance, anti-aging ability, light weight, high strength etc. Those advantages can help our products have a long life. Moreover, it can be suitable for Africa, tropical country, etc.On the other hand , for fiber glass paint, we have professional paint room and professional spray car paint. And then paint them under the conditions of constant temperature and dust-free, bright color, strong anti-pollution ability and excellent waterproof performance. That is why it is available under any condition.

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