Electric Bumper Cars For Sale

Popular Adults and Kids Electric Bumper Cars for Sale New in Dinis

Exciting amusement equipment for both adults and kids–electric bumper cars for sale, are ubiquitous in many places.

Nowadays over the development of economy, people have more chances to enjoy life. Therefore, following the pursuit of happiness and fun, amusement equipment have taken up people’s leisure time and freed them from tedious work. Why not have a trip of bumper car activities and games? At present, electric bumper cars for sale are becoming more and more popular for families around the world. If you feel tired, come and play with these exciting car rides! Motorized bumper cars will definitely make you happy.

According to Dinis’s product catalog, the electric bumper car for sale is one of the most classic dodgems, always catching the eyes of people of all ages. There are several kinds of electric dodgems in our factory, such as electric net dashing cars, skynet bumper car for sale, ground net bumper car, battery operated bumper cars for sale, etc. Our bumper cars for adults for sale can be used widely, such as amusement park, park, funfair, playground and so on. Although they are adult size bumper cars, children are able to ride.

Electric Bumper Cars for Adults
Electric Bumper Cars for Adults

There is no doubt that it has big commercial value to invest. You can earn back the investing cost quickly because of the lower cost and cheap price to purchase Meanwhile, we will provide you with satisfying service.

Hot sale ground-grid electric bumper cars for sale specification 

Notes: Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+Rubber+Steel Max Speed: ≤12km/h Color: Customized
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m Music: Mp3 or Hi-Fi Capacity: 2 passengers
Power: 350-500 W Control: Control Cabinet Service Time: No time limit
Voltage: 220v / 380v (48v for floor) Charge Time: No need to charge Light: LED

How to Classify Dinis Brand Electric Bumper Cars for Sale 2022?

According to different conditions, we can divided it into many kinds of bumper cars for sale. Obviously, all products in Dinis will meet your requirements.

Top two main electric bumper cars for sale in terms of different basic operation principles

Ground Net Bumper Cars for Sale in Dinis
Ground Net Bumper Cars for Sale in Dinis
Funny Outdoor Battery Dodgems For Sale
Funny Outdoor Battery Dodgems For Sale

  • Affordable electric net bumper cars for sale 2022

There are two kinds of electric net bumper cars that can be offered to you, electric floor bumper cars, sky-net dodging cars. They have some differences and some things in common between the two. The operation principle is the same, but the difference is that they have different conductive objects of the positive and negative.

Ground net bumper car works on an insulating plate made of steel and wood. The price of the floor counts on the cover area. Meanwhile, we have products in different colors, like green, red, yellow, etc. You can tell us your planning area size and favored color, and we will provide you with sincere and customized service.

As for the sky-net dashing car, it also moves on a special floor. But you still need to add a net of wire up to the ceiling as the positive. What’s more, a conducting rod attached to the back of each seat connects the bumper car to the ceiling. Then the skynet bumper car for sale can start to work.

  • Popular battery bumper cars for family 2022

Battery bumper cars for sale 2022 are in fashion. It is different from electric net dodgems in operation. It works by battery 12v, 80A (changeable according to your needs). Therefore, it is necessary to charge it every day.

Meanwhile, there is no limit to use battery powered bumper car. Compared to others, it is more convenient to drive the amusement ride anywhere like a real car. There are basically no requirements for the site. You can ride the battery powered bumper car as long as the floor of site is flat and even, such as park, shopping mall, funfair, etc.

Therefore, we can also call it portable dodgems. It is definitely the best choice for you in 2022.

Best two kinds of electric bumper cars according to the different sites

  • Optional outdoor electric bumper cars for sale is suitable for your business

Obviously, electric bumper cars for sale are popular with kids, adults and families. According to different sites, people can play and ride them freely. Therefore, our factory has specifically designed dodgems for different places and events to meet all of your needs. For example, spin zone dodgems, backyard bumper cars, carnival bumper cars, funfair vintage dashing cars, fairground bumper cars, playground dodgems, etc., all of them are hot selling products in our company. Besides, if you want to hold an outside birthday party, the bumper car for party is a good choice.

  • Amazing indoor electric bumper cars for sale in terms of best family rides

Indoor electric bumper cars for sale are family ride to make people relax. Indoor electric dodgems can be used in shopping malls, indoor game center, indoor funfair, indoor ice rink, etc. Meanwhile, there are different kinds of indoor electric dashing cars in Dinis, such as indoor spinning bumper cars, drifting dodgems, laser tag dodging cars for sale and so on. People can play and ride it anytime and anywhere, even it rains or snows. Therefore, you can constantly make money and get high returns by this attractive and interesting amusement equipment.

Honestly speaking, both inside bumper cars and outdoor bumper cars are more and more popular around the world. Dinis has high quality dodgems with beautiful designs. Hope they can attract your eyes. If you want to learn more, please contact me for details and prices.

Theme Park Floor Dodgems For Sale
Theme Park Floor Dodgems For Sale

top brand new bumper cars amusement park ride for sale
top brand new bumper cars amusement park ride for sale

Ice Bumper Car For Sale Park
Ice Bumper Car For Sale Park

Fun electric bumper cars in terms of different moving ways

  • Portable drifting electric bumper cars for sale

Drifting electric bumper cars for sale is a kind of new battery bumper cars in Dinis factory, which can be used in outdoor places, such as amusement park, playground, shopping mall, even on the ice. What’s more, you can drift it like a real car. Because it is easy to drift on the floor and bring new experience on bumper cars. Meanwhile it is big enough for family to play. So parents can ride on the bumper cars with their kids. Finally, this portable drift electric dodgem has become more and more popular around the world, which people of all ages love so much. In a word, it is a kind of cheap bumper car and very worthy to purchase in 2022.

  • Spin zone electric dodgems for sale 2022

Spin zone dodgems are a kind of inflatable bumper cars in Dinis factory. This amusement equipment is interesting and attractive for family. You can see it anywhere, especially in summer. Meanwhile, it can be used on any site, on a smooth floor, ice, grass,etc. And it can spin 360 degrees, which you will have fun playing with.

  • Laser tag and bumper cars for sale

Laser bumper car ride is a new amusement equipment in the bumper car industry. It is an interaction game that can spin 360 degrees and shoot laser. Riders control the dodgem cars by themselves and shall try to avoid being shot by the players on other dodgem cars. Besides, in the process, there will be special light and sound effects. It is so amazing and fascinating among kids who want to travel around the space and fight for the space. To some extent, it is so popular in carnival and festival parties. It can strengthen the bond between parents and children by playing dashing cars together. This fun activity and game can help children stay away from digital screen, which is good for their health.

Kid Spin Zone Bumping Collision Car
Kid Spin Zone Bumping Collision Car
Drift Dodgems On Ice
Drift Dodgems On Ice

Top high quality types according to structure material

  • New attraction of fiberglass dodgems for sale 2022

Nowadays fiberglass dodgems for sale are popular attractions in Dinis, and even around the world. It is made of fiber reinforced plastic with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good thermal performance and so on. What’s more, the bottom structure of the fiberglass bumper car game for sale is made of strong steel. So you can also call the dodgems steel bumpers cars for sale.

Besides, the fiberglass bumper car bodies are in good designs and bright colors. So this amusement attraction is fascinating in the bumper car industry. In addition, people can use it anywhere, such as backyards, shopping malls, funfairs, on the road, etc. If you have interest, please tell us.

  • Multifunctional inflatable electric bumper cars for sale

As we all know, inflatable dodgems for sale is a kind of battery operated bumper cars, surrounded by inflatable tire which makes you excited when you bump into other riders. Inflatable tire will block unwanted collisions and give you a wonderful adventure experience. In terms of appearance, we can know that it consists of a premium round rubber ring, steering wheel, auto shrinkage safety belt, and charge interface. There is no doubt that you can have a gorgeous bumper car trip.

Dinis Custom Ground Bumper Cars
Dinis Custom Ground Bumper Cars

Inflatable Electric Bumper Cars for Sale
Inflatable Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

What Places Are Suitable for Bumper Cars Games and Activities for Family?

Where you can see the bumper car games and activities? Honestly speaking, there are a lot of places to hold those games and activities. People can see them in zoos, all kinds of parks, funfairs, playgrounds, fairgrounds, game centers, shopping malls, etc. Why are they so popular in these places? Because these sites have a large flow of people. As a businessman, electric bumper car is a good choice to get high returns as soon as possible. Why not choose them in 2022?

What’s more, you can buy battery dodgems for your family so that you can play the equipment around your property instead of going to amusement places. Why not consider backyard bumper cars? Besides, if you have an idle backyard, consider placing a backyard train or a 3 horse carousel inside as well. Create a mini children’s playground around your property so that you can play with your kids at any time.

Drift Dodgems Funfair
Drift Dodgems Funfair

How Much Would an Electric Bumper Car Cost under the Form of B2B?

How much do bumper cars cost? It is a major concern for people who want to run a dodgem business. With the development of Internet technology, business-to-business model has attracted many people to sell and purchase products over the internet. Besides, chatting online saves time compared to face-to-face. According to this model, you can buy products from around the world and choose cost-effective equipment with various designs. Meanwhile you will get the latest information timely.

What’s more, the cost of an electric dodgem under the form of B2B is lower than the general price. If we build a good long-term cooperative partnership, we can give you a big discount on our products. Besides, we are a bumper car manufacture, not an agent. So we can provide you with a factory price much cheaper than other companies. In a word, Dinis can offer cheap and high quality bumper cars to you.

Bumper Cars Customer Visit to Dinis Factory
Bumper Cars Customer Visit to Dinis Factory

Dinis Certificates
Dinis Certificates

Customer Installation Feedback
Customer Installation Feedback

“Electric Bumper Cars near Me” for Age 8

Major customer base in our factory is children and family. Therefore, for age 8, electric bumper cars for sale is very suitable and valuable. But you still need to focus on somethings, like what you need to pay attention to when a 8 boy wants to play bumper cars? Here are several tips for you.

  1. Do not eat anything while you are playing.
  2. Parents had better play with kids.
  3. Please fasten the belt tightly before starting the game.
  4. Remember the process of operation and follow the staff’s instructions before starting.
  5. Do not extend any part of your body beyond the bumper car to avoid bumps, scrapes and bruises.
  6. Please don’t get off the car randomly when you are playing.
  7. Follow the staff’s guide and get off the bumper car after it stops completely.

Adult Size Dodgems
Adult Size Dodgems

“Commercial Electric Bumper Cars Built in Dinis”, Why not Choose Dinis Factory?

Dinis has more than 20 years of experience in the amusement industry. “Survive by good quality, develop by high reputation”; “quality first, customer supreme” are our company’s tenets. Abiding by these corporate tenets, we work hard and put the quality and customer in the first place.

Meanwhile, we adhere to the integrity and development, quality of survival. We have professional salespeople who can offer intimate and sincere pre-sales and after-sales service to customers. What’s more, you know that Dinis is both a manufacturer and foreign trade company. We have our won factory. So we can assure you that all of our electric bumper cars for adults and other equipment are in high quality and customized service is available. We will try our best to meet your needs.

So believe us. Dinis will be your perfect cooperator and best friend.

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