How Do Electric Bumper Cars Work

The bumper car is one of the popular carnival rides welcomed by young people. This amusement ride is exciting and fun. It’s also, frankly, therapy for people who are stressed out under the weight of life or work. Because players can release their pressure when they crash into each other. Among the many types of bumper cars, electric bumper cars have been in vogue. So how do electric bumper cars work?

Floor Dodgems Electric Bumper Cars for Sale
Floor Dodgems Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

Ceiling Net Electric Dodgem Car Rides
Ceiling Net Electric Dodgem Car Rides

How Do Electric Bumper Cars Work

Electric net bumper cars for sale have two types, the skynet bumper car for sale and ground grid bumper car. They work in a similar way.

Sky bumper cars for sale

Skynet-style bumper cars access power through the ceiling and floor. The dodgem ride itself actually connects the floor and ceiling to form a circuit.

For the ceiling, there is a live electrical grid, which is the positive pole. While the floor uses an intact armor plate as the negative pole. On each bumper car, there is a rod attached to the rear of the bumper car that connects the floor to the ceiling. When the dodgem moves freely in the supply network, it can draw electrical energy or electrical signals from the supply network through a sliding contact device on top of the rod. Then, the ceiling and floor form a current loop.

Floor grid electric bumper car for sale

As for the ground grid bumper car, it works similar with the sky bumper car. The difference is that there is no need of a ceiling grid. And the bumper car ground is also different.

There are many conductive strips on the large insulating plate. Adjacent strips have opposite polarity. ​When the electric bumper car is active on such a supply network, the four conductive wheels placed at the base of the body absorb the electric energy from the conductive plates and drive the bumper car.​

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