Self-control Sheep Ride

Self-control sheep ride is not only a type of self-control amusement park mechanical attraction, but also a kid-friendly water ride. On the basis of a classic self-control amusement park airplane ride, a sheep ride is additionally installed in a pool full of water. You can put a water gun on each passenger compartment to give children a more exciting and memorable experience. In addition to the sheep shape ride, Dinis also produces a dolphin shape ride for your choice. Here are the details on a self-control sheep carnival attraction for your reference.

Sheep & Dolphin Shape Self-control Rides for Sale, Do You Prefer Which One?

Self-control flying sheep carnival attraction

This equipment is inspired by a famous Chinese cartoon Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. Passenger compartments are adorable sheep. As the equipment is in operation, passengers and their cabins will rotate around a vertical axis and freely rise and fall. In addition, sheep compartments of the equipment hover over a water pool, which is the biggest difference from that of a self-control jet amusement attraction

Self-control Flying Sheep Carnival Ride for Park
Self-control Flying Sheep Carnival Ride for Park

Self-control dolphin amusement ride for sale

Compared to a self-control sheep amusement attraction, a self-control dolphin attraction has a marine life shape passenger compartments. There is a lifelike animal model of seal playing ball equipped on the top of the center structure of the equipment. Over a water pool, the dolphin cabins, which are attached to supporting arms rotate and wave around the center seal. It seems that a seal and several dolphins are playing in the water.

Self-control Dolphin Amusement Park Kiddie Ride
Self-control Dolphin Amusement Park Kiddie Ride

Two Common Sizes of Self-control Flying Sheep Amusement Attractions for Different Needs

Dinis produces a self-control sheep ride with two sizes, one with a capacity of 24 people and the other with 32 people. But if needed we also support you with customized service.

24-seat self-control sheep entertainment park equipment

It has 6 sheep cabins, each of which can carry 4 kids. It occupies an area with a diameter of 10m. As for the power, it is 11 kw. Besides, the gondolas has an ascending range of 1.8 m.

32-seat flying sheep carnival attraction for sale

It covers a larger area than a 24-seat sheep ride. With a diameter of 11m, a sheep ride has 8 gondolas and is capable of carrying 32 people. Furthermore, the running velocity is 1.6m/s.

Customized sheep equipment

In addition to these two sizes of the self-control ride, we also provide you with customized service if needed. Special requirements such as changing the appearance color and decorations, increasing or decreasing cabin quantities, adding a logo to the machine, and more all are feasible at our company. Feel free to let us know your needs!

Beautiful Self Control Dolphin at Night
Beautiful Self Control Dolphin at Night
Self-control Sheep Amusement Attraction
Self-control Sheep Amusement Attraction

Ten Common Problems & Solutions of Self -control Flying Sheep Amusement Equipment

Self-control sheep entertainment equipment may encounter various problems during operation. The following is a summary of common problems and solutions for a self-control flying sheep amusement park kiddie ride, which is also applicable to any self-control carnival attraction.

Solution: Check the electrical connection regularly to ensure that the line is not damaged or loose. And replace the aging electrical components in time.
Solution: Regularly lubricate and maintain mechanical parts to ensure their smooth operation. For damaged parts, replace or repair them in time.
Solution: Regularly check and test the reliability and durability of seat belts, and replace damaged seat belts in time.
Solution: Regularly check and test the working condition of the control system to ensure its accuracy and stability. If you find a problem, solve it in time.
Solution: Regularly check and fasten the connecting parts to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment.


Set clear usage rules and warning signs, and provide safety guidance to passengers. Then ensure that they use the equipment correctly.

Solution: Strictly control the number of passengers on the equipment, set a reasonable weight limit, and avoid overloading.
Solve: Regularly check and test the reliability and sensitivity of the emergency stop system to ensure that it can quickly stop the equipment in an emergency.
Solution: Stop the operation of the equipment in time according to the weather conditions. Besides, take corresponding protective measures to avoid damage to the equipment.
Solution: Establish a comprehensive maintenance plan and then regularly maintain the equipment so as to prolong the service life and stability of the equipment.

To sum up, self-control sheep ride may encounter various problems during operation. But the safe operation of the equipment can be ensured through regular inspection and maintenance, formulating reasonable usage rules, strengthening safety awareness training, and timely solving of faults. At the same time, the maintenance and safety work of the self-control sheep carnival ride also requires the participation and management of a professional team to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

If you are interested in the self-control sheep ride, welcome to send inquiries to us! We will give you professional and sincere services. And if you want other family-friendly amusement rides, we can also give you a product catalog including train rides, coffee cups, bumper cars, flying chairs, merry-go-round-rides, spinning rides, indoor playgrounds, rainbow slides, etc. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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