Backyard Trains for Sale

Backyard trains for sale are in great demand nowadays. As the quality of life improves, more and more people pursue leisure and fun, such as going to the amusement park for a happy day. Amusement train ride with high safety factor actually is in vogue among all amusement rides, because all people regardless of age and sex can enjoy it. If you have to go to someplace to take your beloved train ride, why not consider a private train. In that case, you can enjoy it at any time. So if you have a suitable or idle backyard, come and order a train of your own! Backyard trains for sale are a good choice for you!

Ride on Trains with Tracks for Backyard
Ride on Trains with Tracks for Backyard

Building a Backyard Train or Buying One?

  • Build your own backyard train

Are you considering a homemade backyard train or building a yard train by yourself? Maybe you think it saves money and has fun when you do it. Nevertheless, you have to prepare materials and should learn about how to make a backyard train and how to build a backyard railroad. It costs time and labour. So why not consider buying a train ride for backyard?

  • Buy backyard train kit

By comparison, buying a high-quality yard train has a higher price-performance ratio than building one. A quality backyard locomotive is made by a professional manufacturer, with safety and quality assurance. And buying a backyard train for sale saves you both time and labour. Once you receive it, you can ride it and have fun with your family.

Small Backyard Track Trains
Small Backyard Track Trains

Where to Buy Backyard Trains for Sale?

  • Multiple ways to buy trains for backyard

  1. If there is a trustworthy train entertainment company in your country, you can buy yard trains from it.
  2. If you can find a reliable manufacturer or supplier who provides you with superior-quality backyard train sets, you can purchase goods from it.
  3. You can also consider online shopping because you know nowadays, online shopping is really convenient and can save time and labour.
  4. There are many companies selling backyard train kits, so how to select a credible partner is the key. No matter whether you want offline shopping or online shopping, purchasing back yard train rides from a manufacturer is more cost-efficient than purchasing from a supplier.
  • 3 reasons why to choose a manufacturer rather than a supplier

  1. Factory direct sale provides you with a preferential price of train. While a supplier may just be a middleman without a private factory, which will increase the price on the basis of manufacturer’s.
  2. A backyard railroad manufacturer has a strict quality control system, so you won’t worry about the quality.
  3.  Manufacturers can send you videos or pictures of the productive process, which puts your mind at ease.

Our company specializes in the research, design, production and sale of amusement rides. We are a manufacturer, supplier and exporter with many years of experience, providing you with all kinds of backyard locomotives at a preferential price. The following are some specifications of our backyard trains for sale. After reading, if you are interested in our trains, please contact us!

  • What kind of material do our backyard trains for sale use?

Our main material is fiberglass and steel. FRP has the advantages of lightness, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, waterproofness, moisture resistance and insulation. We have professional steel full-welding process, and professional painting room. The painting was finished under constant temperature and dust-free paint room so the surface painting is smoother, brighter and more durable.

Dinis New Thomas Trackless Locomotive Running in Backyard
Dinis New Thomas Trackless Locomotive Running in Backyard

Bright Color Backyard Trains No Tracks
Bright Color Backyard Trains No Tracks

Family Train Track Rides for Sale
Family Train Track Rides for Sale

Backyard Track Locomotive and Backyard Trackless Train

Train rides have track type and trackless type. Most backyard train rides have tracks.

  • Backyard train ride with track

We have different track styles for you to select, such as round, splay, elliptical and square. Of course, we can customize it for you if you need. There is wooden track and steel track you can choose from. Actually, we suggest the steel track because of its strong bearing capacity and anti-corrosion.


  • Trackless train backyard for sale

Also, we have drivable backyard trains off track for you. This kind of train has two types of battery and diesel engine. There should be a driver to control the speed and orientation of the locomotive. Our train has a simple operation, so even a beginner can handle the backyard railway. Don’t worry about it. We will send all the necessary documents including product description to you in time to help you operate the train ride.

Different Styles of Our Backyard Railroads for You to Buy

As a professional amusement ride manufacturer, we have all kinds of train styles, such as backyard trains for sale in foreign style, drum barrel outdoor ride-on yard train car for children and kiddies, Christmas rideable yard train, groovy track backyard train, animal back yard locomotive, Thomas backyard train, vintage yard locomotive, new design backyard railway train, etc. The following are just examples.

  • Ride on yard train ride

Have you heard of this rideable train in backyard? It is a branch of train rides, popular among people. You can take the train like riding a horse, different from other common trains. Most of our backyard ride on train sets are on a small scale, very suitable for a backyard.

  • Antique style steam train backyard riding railroad

This type of backyard train is also a hot sell in our company. The red and black train body will bring you a feeling of grandness. It consists of a locomotive and several cabins. In addition, there is a chimney in the front of the locomotive. Smoke comes out of the chimney when the antique train ride moves, which will attract both your kids and neighbors.

Antique Style Steam Train Backyard Riding Railroad
Antique Style Steam Train Backyard Riding Railroad

British Style Trackless Backyard Train You can Ride
British Style Trackless Backyard Train You can Ride

Our train can not only carry people, but also carry goods. It depends on what you want to use our trains for. For example, if people use it, it can be a sightseeing tourist train or amusement train ride for fun. While if you want to carry goods, we can design a special train for you, such as logging live steam train for backyard trains. Of course, if you want a specific style, we can also customize it for you, as well as color, light, music, etc.

Do You Want Electric or Diesel Backyard Trains for Sale?

According to the drive mode, backyard train sets can be divided into electric trains and diesel trains. So which one do you prefer?

Electric Trackless Ride on Backyard Train
Electric Trackless Ride on Backyard Train

  • Yard diesel train set As for the diesel engine backyard train ride for sale, its advantages are large power and strong cruising ability. Therefore, the train can run for a long time with enough diesel. Meanwhile, if your backyard is uneven or you want to use the train to climb a slope, you can consider our diesel backyard railroad.
  • Backyard electric train ride As for our electric ride-on backyard train set, on the one hand, electric locomotives are quieter compared to diesel locomotives. Because there is no engine, no exhaust noise and less mechanical noise. On the other hand, a ride-on electric yard train for sale is cleaner, greener and more environmentally friendly than a diesel yard locomotive.

Who can use Our Back Yard Train Set?

  • We have backyard train rides for kids, back yard railroad train rides for teenagers, yard train rides for adults, and ride on electric back yard trains for the whole family. The speed of our train is adjustable and it is very safe. Everyone can ride our train, but if a baby or toddler wants to ride, an adult should accompany him or her.
  • Our train can bring happy and unforgettable memories to children and adults. It definitely will be a gorgeous train ride experience.

Backyard Family Trains
Backyard Family Trains

How to Choose the Right Size Yard Train for Your Family?

Backyard Christmas Track Trains
Backyard Christmas Track Trains

  • Are you tempted to our backyard train and considering a suitable size of train amusement equipment for your backyard and family after knowing the related information on it? Contact us! Here is some information about the size of our yard train set.
  • Yard trains of various sizes and scales are available in our factory. We have large scale backyard trains for sale, small yard train rides for sale, mini backyard train rides and backyard trains for sale with various gauges. Different sizes have different passenger capacities. While most of our trains can carry 8-40 people, we can increase the cabins according to your requirements.

  • Tips to choose the right size backyard trains for sale

  1. If you are still confused about how to choose the right size train, you can choose the suitable size based on the actual demand. How many people are in your family? What is the size of your backyard?
  2. If your family number is less than 10 people, then you can consider our backyard family 8 people mini trackless train. It has a locomotive and two cabins, which can take 8 or 10 children and adults. The length, width and height of the locomotive and each cabin are 2.1, 0.6, 0.9 meters and 2, 0.7, 0.6 meters. Such a mini train is suitable for a small backyard and few people.
  3. If your neighbors or relatives come to your home at times or if you sometimes host parties in your backyard, then you can consider our backyard sightseeing tourist amusement rail train for sale. It is a new design ridable train that can take 16-20 people. Children can have fun with it while adults are preparing food or other things. Besides, you can also consider the big backyard trackless train. It can carry 40 passengers, enough to take all your family and friends. Because it is trackless, you can drive it outside to farms or pastures to appreciate the beautiful scenery and enjoy the fresh air.

Are you sure of the right size? Contact us if you are still confused. We will provide you with sincere advice.

Hot backyard train ride technical specifications

Notes: Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Area: 9.5*1.1*1.9mH Music: Mp3 or Hi-FI Capacity: 14 passengers
Power: 15KW Control: Battery/Diesel/electricity Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 380V/220V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED

Other Places for Using Our Backyard Train Rides

Although this type of train is called backyard train, it is not limited to yard or backyard only. Different types and sizes of our backyard train can be used in different areas. You can use it on farms, playgrounds, stockyards, lawns, parks, gardens, outdoor fairgrounds, indoor malls and so on.

How Much do Our Backyard Trains Cost?

After knowing the product, are you interested in the price of our backyard train? It actually depends on many factors, such as style and size. The range of price is between $4.000 to $38.000, and you can choose based on your own financial situation. What we can assure you is that our company will offer you a reasonable and attractive price. You will never regret buying such a cost-effective affordable backyard train ride.

Backyard Diesel Tourist Trackless Train
Backyard Diesel Tourist Trackless Train

 Classic Back Yard Thomas Train Ride
Classic Back Yard Thomas Train Ride

All in all, our company can provide you with kinds of attractive high-quality backyard trains for sale at a preferential price. And we are looking for long-term cooperative partners and buyers.

    If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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