How Fast Do Bumper Cars Go

As a bumper car investor or player, do you know how fast bumper cars go?

Dodgem bumper cars are one of the most popular amusement park rides for people of all ages. Adults prefer to ride dodgems to release stress from their lives. And the kids enjoy playing with the equipment because they feel like that they are driving a real car. There is no doubt that the dodging cars are a great attraction at your amusement park or theme park. All passengers can feel the speed and excitement.

So here comes the question, how fast do bumper cars go? Do you know the answer? Read on to learn more about amusement park bumper cars.

Bumper Cars for Adults & Kids
Bumper Cars for Adults & Kids

Dinis Fast Bumper Car for Sale

In Dinis factory, you can find electric bumper car (ground net / ceiling net) and battery-powered bumper car. So how fast do bumper cars go? Generally speaking, electric dodgems are faster than battery dashing cars. The maximum speed of electric bumper cars for adults usually is 12 km/h, while battery bumper cars for adults for sale can run at a speed of 8 km/h. By the way, the speed of the bumper car depends on the depth of the throttle, which is controlled by the passengers themselves. And if you have a specific need, let us know, so we can customize the bumper car to meet your request. Believe in us. Dinis a specialist amusement ride manufacturer.

Fast Outdoor Battery Bumper Car for Sale
Fast Outdoor Battery Bumper Car for Sale

Although different types of dodgems run at different speeds, they are popular with the public and are worth the investment. On the one hand, battery dashing cars have good prospects because investors do not need an energy grid or special floors to run the dodging cars. It is, therefore, possible and convenient to transport them from one carnival to another. On the other hand, if you have a fixed area, it’s better to invest in electric grid dodgem rides (ground net / ceiling net). Because players can get more exciting feelings from these rides. Besides, those special floors are available to add LED lights to create a cheerful atmosphere.

Electric Ground Grid Dodgem Rides
Electric Ground Grid Dodgem Rides

Safety Rules While Riding Fast Bumper Cars

When riding a dodging car, no matter how fast bumper cars go, you should observe these following safety rules.

  • Fasten your safety belts.
  • Follow the instructions of the staff.
  • Do not extend any part of your body beyond the bumper car to avoid bumps, scrapes and abrasions.
  • When playing, do not get out of the car at will or walk across the bumper car arena to avoid being hit by other running dodgems.

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