3 Horse Carousel for Sale

Dinis 3 Horse Carousel for Sale

3 horse carousel for sale is a mini carousel. Carousel rides are amusement rides consisting of a rotating circular platform with house-shaped (can be adjusted by your needs) seats for riders. As for the carousel movement, the horses connected with the turntable will go up and down when the plate rotates gradually. What’s more, you can hear wonderful and beautiful music as the ride moves. Music format supports MP3, and you can choose your favorite music through a USB disk.

  • Carousels come in many different styles and sizes. In addition to the large, splendid carousel that you see in amusement parks, other popular ones include the portable coin operated 3 horse carousels. This 3 horse carousel for sale belongs to a kind of portable entertainment equipment due to its small size. Therefore, it is one of the small carousel horses. These kiddie carousels are nice additions to any amusement park, but they are also perfect for many other places, such as backyard, home, shopping mall, square, zoo, amusement park, playground, park, kindergarten, funfair and so on.
  • As a family ride, it plays an important role in the amusement industry. Generally speaking, the main customers of this 3 horse merry go round are children. These mini merry-go-rounds for kiddie are perfectly sized for the small children who are often too nervous to ride on a big and tall carousel. Moreover, the exquisite appearances and attractive songs of this amusement attraction can easily attract kids’ eyes.

3 seats carousel horse rides for sale
3 seats carousel horse rides for sale

So whether you buy it for business or for you child, Dinis 3 seat merry go round can be a good choice. Moreover, we have many kinds of merry-go-rounds for you to choose. Do u want to join us?

Hot merry go round horse for sale technical parameters

Notes: Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Seats Info Occupied Area Voltage Power Speed Diameter Working Principle
3 Seats Φ1.5mx1.5m 220v/380v/customized 500w 0.8m/s 1.4m Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
6 Seats Φ3mx3m 220v/380v/customized 1.1kw 0.8m/s 3.3m Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
12 Seats Φ6.5mx6.5m 220v/380v/customized 3kw 0.8m/s 5.3m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
16 Seats Φ8mx8m 220v/380v/customized 3.3kw 0.8m/s 6m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
24 Seats Φ9mx9m 220v/380v/customized 6kw 1.0m/s 8m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
36 Seats Φ10mx10m 220v/380v/customized 7kw 1.0m/s 9.5m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
double deck Φ10m*10m 220v/380v/customized 6kw 0.8m/s 8m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission

Top Three Popular 3 Horse Carousel for Sale in Dinis 

The “seats” of this 3 horse electric merry go round ride are traditionally in the form of rows of horses or other animals or cars mounted on posts, the same as those large carousels. No matter what designs of the seats are, all products are in fashion and loved by kids at home and abroad. Among many kinds of types, there are 3 top popular roundabouts in Dinis.

Portable merry go round for many places

As the amusement industry develops, portable rides become more and more necessary for businessmen.

For example, both trackless train ride and portable bumper cars are popular with people. Meanwhile, the portable carousel for sale also occupies a position. So what kind of merry-go-round is portable? Actually, the trailer carousel and mini-carousel (3/4/6 seats) are portable.

These small carousels are portable and easy to add to any place. If you own a restaurant, you can also add one to the front of the restaurant where children can be entertained while the family waits for a table. The nice thing about these kiddie carousels is that they can be easily moved around if you want to place them at another location.

As you can see, there are many places that can benefit from an addition of a portable mini merry-go-round for kiddies. These are good additions to amusement parks, shopping malls, theaters, play centers, or just about anywhere where parents are with their small children. Therefore, it is a sure way to put a smile on any small child who is grumpy, which is very helpful to the parents.

6-seat Indoor Playground for Sale Merry Go Round Rides
6-seat Indoor Playground for Sale Merry Go Round Rides

Coin operated carousel for sale

Coin operated carousel rides are available with 3, 4 or 6 seats. Moreover, all mini fairground carousels can be made into coin operated type. So how do coin operated 3 horse carousels for sale work? Well, the operation is easy. After inserting coins into the slot, the coin operated carousel ride will work. It is worth mentioning that coins from every country are available. We can adjust your country’s coin as the parent currency.

In addition, the ride is equipped with beautiful decorations and colorful LED lights. Passengers sitting on the merry go round will feel excited and have a happy and memorable experience.

Vintage 3 horse carousel for sale for amusement park

Vintage rides always remind human beings of happy moments in the past. A vintage merry go round horse is also an antique merry go round for sale. There are kinds of decorations imitating the ancient, so children can learn knowledge of history as they enjoy the interesting ride. Vintage 3 horse carousel ride for sale is suitable for amusement parks. Because it is easy to operate for kids and convenient to manage for businessmen. Therefore, purchasing one for your amusement park is necessary because it can easily attract kids for fun. If you want a large one, it is also available in Dinis. What’s more, if you have no idea of how to build the park, we can provide you with professional advice to help you get the best out of your park.

Ocean 6-seat Carousel Animal for Sale
Ocean 6-seat Carousel Animal for Sale

Horse Seat of Full Size Rouandabout Carousel
Horse Seat of Full Size Rouandabout Carousel

Parts of Coin Operated 3 Horse Carousel for Sale
Coin Operated Portable 3 Horse Carousel for Sale for Kindergartens

Why Do You Choose the Carousel Ride Manufacturer — Dinis?

The 3 horse carousel kiddie ride for sale is popular among children and there are many merry go round horses manufacturers and merry go round playground equipment suppliers in the world. So what makes you to choose Dinis, the manufacturer of 3 horse carousel for sale?

Varied types

Dinis has all kinds of roundabouts, like car type, flower type, horse kind, etc. If those can not satisfy your needs, we also offer customized service. Besides, other amusement rides are also available, such as bumper cars, train rides, flying chairs, indoor playgrounds and so on, totally more than one hundred of products. How do you think?

High quality

The framework of carousel is made of solid steel. Then the material of seats and decorative parts of our 3 horse carousel horse for sale are made of high quality fiberglass reinforced plastics. Moreover, the paint we adopt is car-grade paint which is non-fading and anti-corrosion. Furthermore, the excellent workmanship comes from professional workers.

Production Process
Production Process

Highest VIP service

Our staffs treat every client equally wherever you are from. Meanwhile, we will give you highest courtesy reception and 24 hours online service. Firstly, provide you with the detailed information, including technical data, price list, cost in control, etc. Secondly, after buying, deliver on time within your requirements. Thirdly, arrange engineers to install the fun carousel in your country if needed. Last, replace components and parts for free in warranty and provide lifetime technical support.

Wide application

Thanks to the small size of the 3 seater carousel, it can be suitable for any places, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, schools, kindergartens, malls, funfairs, backyard, parties, restaurants, stores, home, etc. No matter where you put it, you can get considerable benefits from it. Hurry up! Do not miss your chance to be a millionaire.​

Installation of the Fun Equipment
Installation of the Fun Equipment

How Much Does a 3 Horse Carousel for Sale Cost? 

Generally speaking, the price of a 3 horse carousel for sale is around $2,200. But you know, different types may have a little difference in price. What we can assure you is that all of our merry-go-rounds have reasonably attractive prices and premium quality. What’s more, the price is not fixed, depending on the purchase quantity and holidays. If you place a large order, we can give you a big discount on products. Also, you can get a lower price if you purchase carousels in our promotional events, such as Christmas Day and National Day.

Is There Any Additional Maintenance Recommendation Dinis can Provide for You?

About the carousel, for its smooth running, kindly confirm following information:

  1. The inspection must be done before the operation every day.
  2. After the equipment has been used for a period of time, the equipment should be overhauled as a whole to ensure that the equipment can be in good operating condition.
  3. The fasteners of the whole machine should be checked frequently (especially the solid parts in the safety part), find the reason for looseness, and repair and tighten it in time to avoid accidents.
  4. Regularly check the operation of the mechanical transmission parts, pay close attention to the abnormal noise and heat generated during the operation, find the fault, and eliminate it in time.
  5. The machine body and FRP parts should be kept clean frequently. When there is dirt, use a soft cloth, damp cloth or add a small amount of detergent to clean it. FRP parts can be rubbed with car polishing wax to keep luster.
  6. Check whether the buttons on the control box are in good condition, check whether the lines are aging, whether the grounding is good, whether the grounding protection device is safe, and then check there is no leakage.
  7. For basic daily maintenance, just use a clean soft cloth to regularly wipe the surface of the carousel. What’s more, do not let the surface of the carousel come into contact with acid, iodine chemicals and oils.
  8. If conditions permit, you can build a shading shed, which can avoid direct sunlight causing the carousel’s appearance to age and then affect its service life.

Note: it is the daily work so you should take the maintenance seriously. Then the security will be in control.

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