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Trampoline park originated in the US. Now it has been popular with people of all ages around the world. It is a kind of indoor entertainment center that consists of various fun activities centered around trampolines. Some trampoline parks even have rooms for celebrations or parties. In addition, a jumping trampoline park can be also installed outdoors in some areas. Whatever the site, a trampoline play centre with a reasonable and attractive design is profitable without any doubt. Are you about to start a trampoline park business? Here are the details on Dinis trampoline park for sale for your reference.

Who Is the Target User for Your Trampoline Business?

Free Jump Arena of Indoor Trampoline Park
Free Jump Arena of Indoor Trampoline Park

As you know, an indoor trampoline adventure park aims at all people. For a comprehensive giant trampoline park, people of different age groups, from adults in their fifties and sixties to toddlers one or two years old can find fun activities that are suitable for them. This point is much different from an indoor playground, which is the best play center for children.

Therefore, before starting your trampoline park business for sale, you should determine your target audience based on the local market demand. This will dictate the trampoline park design and what kind of trampoline activities you need to add to attract customers.

Have You Already Have an Indoor Trampoline Park Design?

A reasonable and attractive design can help your trampoline jump park increase foot traffic. Well, are you an expert in the trampoline park business or a novice in the industry?

  • If you are the former, you may already have an idea of your park. All that remains is to find indoor trampoline park manufacturers or trampoline park supplier.
  • While if you are the latter, after making a market analysis, you should prepare for selecting venue, making trampoline park layout and looking for trampoline park manufacturers.
CAD Design for Trampoline Park of 300 Square Meters
CAD Design for Trampoline Park of 300 Square Meters

It sounds a little complex. But do you know that a professional trampoline park company, like DINIS, offers not only quality trampoline park for sale, but also satisfactory park deigns? The result is that a reliable manufacturer can save you energy, time, and money to buy indoor trampoline park.  

60-sqm Indoor Trampoline Park Design
60-sqm Indoor Trampoline Park Design

As a professional trampoline park for sale manufacturer, we have had multiple designs based on different trampoline park dimensions. Whether it is a site of tens of square meters or thousands of square meters, we all have alternative scheme designs for your choice. So feel free to contact us and let us know how large your inside trampoline park is. We will send you our existing park designs. If those designs are not suitable for your indoor trampoline playground, we can offer customized service.

Custom Jump Play Centre for Shopping Mall in China
Custom Jump Play Centre for Shopping Mall in China

If you want a unique jump trampoline park, we can help your dream come true. Tell us your trampoline park dimensions and what kind of fun activities you want to add, our design team will make alternative schemes with the guidance of our expert engineer. In addition to the indoor trampoline park design manufacturing, we can also customize the color, logo, and more. Believe us. We have designed satisfactory schemes for customers in many countries, such as Denmark, Philippines, US, Indonesia, UK, Chile, Honduras, etc.

How Much Does Trampoline Park Cost?

As an investor, you must care about trampoline park price. However, we can not give you an exact answer because the cost of a trampoline park for sale can vary widely based on several factors. The size and complexity of the trampoline park design, the quality of materials, and any additional features your facility requires can affect the trampoline park cost.

Generally speaking, the price of a new trampoline park for one square meter ranges from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars.

As a trampoline park manufacturer & trampoline park equipment supplier, we offer a range of options to suit different budgets and needs. For those existing designs, the trampoline park prices depends on the dimension and included trampoline park equipment. You can contact us to get a product catalog and choose a design that is suitable for your venue. We will give you a free quote.
Furthermore, our indoor playground trampoline park is fully customizable. We can create a tailored solution that meets your vision and financial considerations. Feel free to contact us at any time. We will discuss your requirements in details and provide you with an accurate estimate.

Whether you choose an existing trampoline park design or require a custom trampoline jump park, we guarantee you get your quality facility at a factory price. Moreover, we ensure a great experience for your customers and a solid return on your investment for you.

Outdoor Trampoline Area in Park
Outdoor Trampoline Area in Park
Customizable Jumping Trampoline for Buyer from Estonia
Customizable Jumping Trampoline for Buyer from Estonia
Trampoline Park with Foam Pit
Trampoline Park with Foam Pit

How Do We Pack Indoor Playground Trampolin Equipment?

Before placing an order, are you worried that your commercial trampoline park equipment will be damaged in transit? Well, you don’t have to worry about that at all. As a trampoline park manufacturer, we also have an expert packing team and loading team to protect the goods from damages. For different parts of our trampoline park for sale, we use different materials for packaging, conforming to standard export packing. Besides, if needed, we can offer customized packing as your requirements.

  • PP film: Safety mattress
  • Cotton and PE film: Metal frame and metal ladder
  • PE film: Trampoline mattress, safety net and foam
  • Paper box and woven bag: springs, screws and other fittings

By the way, if the goods are damaged during transportation, contact us in time. We will give you a satisfactory solution.

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In short, a trampoline park for sale is worth investing in. People of different age groups can find fun activities that are suitable for them. If you are about to start an indoor trampoline park business and to buy trampoline park business, the optimal choice is to find a professional trampoline park manufacturer who offers not only quality trampoline park equipment for sale but also satisfactory indoor trampoline park design. Dinis trampoline park company can meet your needs. Welcome to send inquiries to us.

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