♣ Which design do you prefer for bumper cars?

Battery type preferable. Because battery type is powered bu battery, after charging, it can be used for 6-8 hours.

Ground grid bumper cars is power supplied by floor, it must connect with electricity to run. so if the electricity is not stable, we think battery type bumper cars will be better.

♣ Which way to let you check bumper cars kinds and how to work ?

Send you photos or videos directly.

Make a quatation to your directly.

♣ How to pay for the bumper cars ?

Must pay for 50%before shipping.

You can pay up to this or plan to g to the trade fair in Guangzhou.

♣ Does a battery dodgem need a customized floor?

No, just the flat floor is ok. It is very convenient to control remotely. At the same time, it has low requirements for the site. Therefore it is easy to control and ride.

♣ Can we adjust decoration on bumper cars?

Yes, you can. We can accept any colors and decorations to design for your needs. In addition, we can provide special customized service, including size, appearance etc.

♣ Can a bumper car be painted, or not?

It is up to you.we use advanced glass fiber reinforced plastics, you can paint it on your own.

So what happened if something goes wrong with the train? Whats the warranty?

Frankly, the material for our train is mainly fiberglass and steel, it is very strong and stable.  

Even if there are some easy-breaking items, then we will send you enough replacements when delivering your products. So please do not worry.  

Driving time from full charge (hrs/km) about train rides and the recommended total weight. 

Driving time will be 8-10 hours for full charge. About speed, you can control it yourself with footplate(same to our cars). Usually 10km/hr 

Also our train is about 1860KGS with 3 cabins, and max weight for the passengers is 1000kgs for one cabin

Are they Deep circle batteries?How many batteries?

Yes, they are deep circle battery.  Usually use 5 pieces batteries, can add to more according clients’ requirement. As usual, it mostly is used for trackless mall train rides.

So if we add more does it increase the operation time ???

Yes, of course, my friend, we can customized longer running time for you.

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