How to Drive Bumper Cars

Do you know how to drive bumper cars?

Dodgems are well received by the public. A rubber bumper surrounds each vehicle, and drivers either ram or dodge each other as they travel. Before driving a bumper car, it’s better to know the basic knowledge of adult bumper cars.

Actually, bumper cars can run mainly rely on the accelerator pedal, followed by the steering wheel which is different from the regular one and can be 360 degree steering. So here comes the question, how to drive bumper cars by using the bumper car steering wheel and accelerator pedal? The following are several tips for your reference.

Customer Installation Feedback
Customer Installation Feedback

How to Drive Bumper Cars?

Fasten your seat belts

Be sure to fasten your seat belt before getting ready to operate. Because you never know when you are gonna get hit. Children should especially wear safety belts. Otherwise, if the impact is too strong, the child’s head may hit the steering wheel directly, causing bleeding in mild cases or hospitalization in severe cases.

Basic methods of operation for how to drive bumper cars

First, press and hold the accelerator pedal with your feet, then turn the steering wheel. After the car starts, turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction until the car is able to go straight. How do bumper cars turn? Actually, it’s the same as when we drive a car. Drive the steering wheel left when turning left and right when turning right. Do not keep driving the bumper car steering wheel in one direction, otherwise, you will not move forward and will only go in circles.​

Drive Battery Bumper Cars for Park
Drive Battery Bumper Cars for Park

Control accelerator pedal

For novice friends, they often have poor control, hit the field fences or other bumper cars, and keep stepping on the pedal. However, this is wrong. You should slow down, turn the steering wheel, and back up.

Drive Battery Bumper Cars
Drive Battery Bumper Cars

Reverse the dodging car

The bumper car actually does not have a braking system, so how do you go backwards? Press and hold the accelerator pedal, then turn the steering wheel in the same direction. Then you can reverse the car.

Ceiling Net Electric Dodgem Car Rides
Ceiling Net Electric Dodgem Car Rides

Several ways of hitting

If you want to hit the other player’s car harder, the most powerful attack is a rear-end collision, that is, hitting the back of his car, followed by a side-impact, and finally a front-end collision.

Drive Dodgems On Ice
Drive Dodgems On Ice

Caution: Due attention should be paid to the impact force.

Gorgeous drift

Bumper cars can drift, too? Of course. We know that the drift of a car is mainly a sudden change of direction at very high speeds, and the same is true of a bumper car. You should first drive to a very fast speed and then quickly change the steering wheel. Moreover, there’s no doubt that if you were to drift the dashing car around the play area, it would definitely get the attention of the audience.

Do not leave the car suddenly

When playing, whatever problems you have, you must not stop suddenly and walk across the field. Because if you are accidentally bumped by someone who has no control over the equipment, then there will be a lot of problems at that point. If you do not want to play any more, you can step aside, not move, and wait for the game to end. Remember do not get off at will.

Besides How to Drive Bumper Cars, What Are You Interested in?

Now do you know exactly how to drive a bumper car? If this is not the case, do not worry. Contact us and we can provide you with the manual and video of the operation. Furthermore, contact us to know more questions of “how do bumper cars work”, “are bumper cars safe”, “are bumper cars worth the investment”, “what is bumper car price” etc.

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