Custom Bumper cars

What is customer bumper cars for sale Jinshan?

Custom bumper cars are not only a kind of bumper cars for sale family attractions in Jinshan, but also a new and fashionable kind of service. It is suitable for family to ride and play. Customize bumper cars like others, we can use in any places, such as play center, playground, funfair, fairground, theme ark and so on. Therefore, it is a kind of portable bump er cars.

Custom Park bumper cars
Custom Park bumper cars

At the same time, we can made it into different kinds for people of different ages, like adult bumper cars, kids bumper cars. Compared with others, it has a big advantage to meet your needs and run your business easily. Finally, Jinshan, as a China custom outdoor playground manufacturer, new brand can give you cheap price and big discounts. Bumper cars activities and games are now popular around the world.

Custom Vintage Bumper Cars for Sale
Custom Vintage Bumper Cars for Sale

Do you want to know more details, please send inquires to us now!

Bumper car ride technical specifications

Note: Specification below is just for reference. Email us for the detail information.

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m Music: Mp3 or Hi-FI Capacity: 2 passengers
Power: 150 W Control: Electric control Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 24V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED light

Bumper car show videos from YOUTUBE

What kind of bumper cars can be customized for sale Jinshan ?

Family new attractions -carnivals custom bumper cars for sale

Carnival customized bumper cars for sale now have already attracted a lot of family to join funny bumper cars activities and games. And our factory can design all kinds of custom carnival bumper car rides for sale according to the different sites. If you are in the zoo, we can offer you different animal bumper cars for you, like mickey mouse dodgems for sale, Donald duck bumper cars for kids.

Mini Funfair Bumper Car
Mini Funfair Bumper Car

If you want to hold a race, we can provide you with custom bumper car racing according to your requirements. It is a kind of special custom bumper cars sale for its high speed in Jinshan. Therefore, for our company, family entertainment equipment can occupy big market share in 2019. People will fall in love with this kind of commercial and valuable invest of electric bumper cars for sale. Hope you catch this important opportunity.

laser tag inflatable dashing cars for kids
Laser Tag Inflatable Dashing Cars For Kids

Custom indoor custom electric bumper cars for kids play equipment — Jinshan brand

Customized indoor electric bumper cars are a kind of family entertainment rides. People  can use it in indoor places, such as shopping mall dodgems, indoor funfair dashing cars, and so forth. Our factory can offer you rides which is the most portable bumper cars. Jinshan Company can supply many different kinds of bumper cars rides for sale, one of the best-selling bumper cars is the electric bumper cars rides for amusement parks. Customized bumper cars for sale can be  usually classified in two types, ceiling grid bumper cars and ground grid bumper car rides. This electric bumper cars need special conductive floor or ceiling to get through power, so it should be installed an indoor place, with dry and ventilated condition. At the same time, the ground should be flat and smooth. If you want some custom electric dodgems for sale for your park, please contact us timely.

Custom designed thrill park battery bumper cars rides for sale 2019

Custom battery bumper cars rides for thrill park is funny and impressive entertainment equipment for family go to the amusement park. Today bumper car games are top family kingdom amusement park rides in the industry. If you want to buy some portable bumper cars for sale, battery operated bumper cars for sale is your ideal option. This kind of bumper cars has different size, such as two seats adult bumper cars, one seat kiddie bumper cars and mini bumper cars for sale. In addition, it can be used in any places, not only trill park, but also on the ice or water. According to different sites, we have designed different functional ones for you, for example, ice bumper cars, water dashing cars, spinning zone dodging cars, laser tag bumper cars. Moreover, you can control and operate it remotely. In terms of safety, it is best suitable for kids to ride and play.

Custom Funfair Battery Dodgems For Sale 2019
Custom Funfair Battery Dodgems For Sale 2019

Custom Inflatable Battery Bumper Cars For Sale
Custom Inflatable Battery Bumper Cars For Sale

Custom Legal Floor Dodgems For Sale
Custom Legal Floor Dodgems For Sale

Custom Game Center Dashing Car 2019
Custom Game Center Dashing Car 2019


What kind of service we can offer about custom bumper cars?

Custom bumper cars tuning & styling is a new kind of service for all bumper cars suppliers in China. But what kind of thing we can custom which we can offer for our loyal clients? The designer in our factory is professional.

  • Customized colors that means we can spray the paint according to your requirement, black, red, yellow, green , pink. Any kinds of colors will be optional only if you want. Or you can paint them by yourself.
  • Customized size that means we can adjust the size (small, medium, big ) to help your clients ride and operate them easily. Obviously, we all know that Asian people are shorter than European. Therefore, changing the size is necessary. Before making a quotation, please tell us your details.


Introduction Of Adventure Dodgems
Introduction Of Adventure Dodgems

  • Special power supply can be optional on your own that we have three kinds to choose, battery power (including coin operated bumper cars), electric ground bumper car, sky-net bumper cars and pink controlled electric drift bumper car.
  • Amazing customized appearances  that  we can design different kinds of dashing cars, like Thomas bumper cars, tiger dodging cars, drifting bumper cars etc. For new amusement equipment, the mould of bumper cars is very important.


Indoor Bumper Cars
Indoor Bumper Cars

Compared to others, what is the advantage of customer bumper cars?

Compared to other bumper car suppliers, Jinshan bumper cars have big advantages on customer bumper cars.

  • Professional technology is necessary for clients. We have professional engineers to design new structures for you. We have professional welding technique. When you see the structure of bumper cars, you will understand the high skill of our company.
  • High quality original material. It is made by FRP, inflatable PVC, rubber and durable steel. The body is usually made from FRP and PVC, The frame is made of steel and the bump part is made from rubber to absorb shock and crash.


New Water Dodgem Cars Sale Jinshan
Water Custom Bumper Cars Sale Jinshan

  • Interesting diving and playing method. It is easy to ride, like portable dodgems for sale. When it is activated, we just need to control the car accelerator to speed up and turn the steer wheel to change directions. Like UFO battery dodgems, it can be suitable for people of all ages, even for toddler. Then you can control remotely and relaxed.
  • Very safe, less malfunction rate and less maintenance  Especially for vintage battery operated dodgems, which have safe battery, rechargeable and high quality imported from abroad.


Child Water Dashing Car For Sale
Child Water Dashing Car For Sale

Why choose Jinshan brand customized bumper cars for sale?

  • We are the direct manufacturer, no third party, competitive price with high quality customized bumper cars.
  • Never keep your waiting: your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours. We own lots of professional workers, engineers and professional technicians.
  • Rich export and production experience of different kinds of new bumper cars. More than 30000 square meters factories in producing new bumper cars.

Best Quality Of Bumper Cars 2019
Best Quality Of Bumper Cars 2019

  • All material from fiber glass 3-5mm All our lasting and durable painting is baked by high temperature in professional baking room. Then the color becomes flashing and bright.
  • High quality pre-sale service and effective and quick after-sale service is necessary for clients.
  • Fast delivery Help you delivery goods as quickly as we can and ensure the products with no damage and flawless can be shipped to your country.

Jinshan Custom Ground Bumper Cars
Jinshan Custom Ground Bumper Cars

What kind of things you need to provide if you want to have customized bumper cars for sale?

  • Tell us your plan what kind of  motorized bumper cars do you want and which color do you want.?
  • Provide us with the final design pictures about new bumper cars ( if you only have first drift, please tell me specific details as soon as possible before producing).

Outdoor Funfair Bumper Cars 2019
Outdoor Funfair Custom Bumper Cars 2019

  • Give us the new information of the size of the site( accurate data is better).
  • Please tell me the budget of bumper cars and our technician can help you design suitable and reasonable bumper cars for you.

Custom Dodgems For Sale 2019
Custom Dodgems For Sale 2019

Do you want to know more details, please send inquires to us now!

If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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